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Off-duty cop rescues 2 from blaze; Video: Protestors clash with NM police

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 6 rules from a Navy legend that impact officer safety
 Gang codes: The next thing is texting
 March 31, 2014
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Video: Protesters clash with NM police

NY cop killed after suspect grabs weapon

Cops miss pistol in search, fatally shoot suspect

Police Driving

How 6 'rules' from a Navy legend can impact officer safety

By Travis Yates, PoliceOne Columnist
We can learn a lot about safety from Admiral Hyman Rickover, the Father of the Nuclear Navy. While he was not in law enforcement, there is no doubt that his philosophy can make everyone in our profession safer. Rickover's rules

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Cracking Gang Codes

Why texting is the next big thing in gang codes

By Gary Klivans, PoliceOne Contributor
Gang codes have long used street and prison slang as part of the communication process. Now with the popularity of "texting" in our society, we see that texting abbreviations are being added to gang documents and written in code. LOL!
Fla. deputies rescue drowning bull
Hillsborough County Deputy Christina Ammons was the first to find the 1,000-pound, 20-year-old bull weak and drowning in a pond.
Calif. police save suicidal man from overpass
Footage of police and fire in Hawthorne, Calif. rescuing a suicidal man hanging off a freeway overpass.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com

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How to "Get off with a warning"
This driver asks if there's a formula to "getting off with a warning" during a traffic stop. Do you think there's a way to avoid a citation?
Do You Know P25 Best Practice?
The decision to adopt the digital open standards-based P25 platform offers police officers many benefits, but it also raises a lot of questions. Fortunately, you are not the first. Learn from others who have integrated P25 systems themselves and ensure you get your project off to the right start.
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