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Officer's plot to cook women 'no fantasy'; Video: Cop ignores wound, shoots suspect

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 The #1 rule of a gunfight? There are no rules
 Law Enforcement History: The Earps of Tombstone
 Oct. 26, 2012
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Video: Cop ignores bullet wound, takes down suspect

Officer loses home insurance due to K-9

Video: Firefighter's attack on 2 women 'went unpunished'

Today's Top Stories:
NY ex-con charged with murder in officer's killing: Accused of killing cop who suspected involvement in hit-and-run
Feds: Officer's plot to cook, eat women 'no fantasy': "Took active and affirmative steps," almost "kidnapping a woman, cooking her and actually eating her"
2 dead after flying trooper fires at vehicle: Helicopter was helping state game warden in high-speed pursuit when the officer on the aircraft opened fire
Baltimore cop returns fire, shoots suspect twice
Former Pa. cop cleared in jail-cell TASER incident
Campaign mailers 'put NM undercover cop at risk'
Man survives 40-foot fall fleeing cops
Police award homeless man for saving Dallas cop
Photos: Fla. police put 4 new squad car designs to a vote
Combat Gunfighting

The number one rule of a gunfight? There are no rules

By Mike Rayburn, PoliceOne Columnist
Whether enforcing or following, there seems to be a rule or regulation for just about everything we do. But let me give you the first rule of a gunfight: there are no rules. So how do you prepare yourself for a gunfight? Face the facts
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SWAT Operator

Law Enforcement History: The Earps of Tombstone

By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
The Cowboys at OK Corral had a sweet deal, allowing them to come, go, and do as they pleased unfettered by the constraints of the law. Tired of the lawlessness, the Earps confronted them one afternoon 131 years ago today. "Bring it on"
Skater tells off cop
An irate student yells at a Segway officer, claiming that he almost ran him over.
Protestors hijack Seattle police meeting
Skip to about 11 minutes into the video to watch protestors crash a meeting about a new drone program.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Respect our enemy

By Matthew Magolan, PoliceOne Member
It is a dangerous game to dismiss the innovativeness and lethality of the active shooter threat. How are we in law enforcement going to fully prepare for the next active shooter if we disrespect our enemy? Why is this an issue?
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    Tactical Tip
    Knife defense from the mid-line jab
    Here's a demonstration of edged weapons defense from the mid-line jab. Take special precaution to protect the femoral artery and the neck. Watch the video
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    P1 Member Photo of the Week
    Secure Entry
    This week's photo comes from Sergeant Robert Stenhouse of the Force Firearms Unit in North Wales, UK. This is a shot of his Dynamic Intervention team securing entry into the dynamic skills house at Ruthin Range.
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