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Officers rescue 6 from fire; Drunk driver: 'I'm an owl'

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 Officer safety tactics during pedestrian stops
 How the 'best recruit video' found the perfect chief
 January 10, 2014
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Video: Calif. pursuit ends in shooting

Video: MLB star pleads with trooper during arrest

Video of OIS involving teen with replica released

Today's Top Stories:
Dallas chief announces firings through Twitter: Chief Brown aims for transparency
Calif. police no longer using ECDs to stop cyclists: Review said force needed to stop boy on stolen bike, but not TASERs
NY chief, deputy rescue 4 children, 2 women from fire: Mother handed each child down from a second-floor window
Off-duty officer saves woman having heart attack
Okla. man killed by 'atomic wedgie'
Drunk driver to police: "I'm an owl"
Officers killed by Dorner honored on beer labels
Clown rap duo sues DOJ, FBI
Former NM officer, veteran dies from gunshot wounds
P1 Roll Call

Chief says citizens should be armed; Fatal shooting video released

Dave Smith discusses the Detroit police chief's announcement that he believes responsible citizens should be legally armed. Watch the video

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The Science of Training

Rethinking officer safety tactics during pedestrian stops

By David Blake, PoliceOne Contributor
The most important point to remember is the pedestrian stop (PS) is typically initiated based on criminal activity or suspected criminal activity — thereby dictating a threat by association. 4 parameters
Perspectives on Policing

How the 'best recruit video' found the perfect chief

By Loraine Burger, PoliceOne Columnist
The viral video was just the beginning of what would become a nearly six-month hiring process that would end with the selection of Lee Dobrowolski as Hillsboro's soon-to-be police chief. The elimination process
The balanced warrior
Dave Smith discusses the concept of "The Balanced Warrior" with Dr. Olivia Johnson.
Colo. sheriff's office uses iris scanner to ID suspects
A Colo. sheriff's office has been using the technology since 2007 to book inmates and ensure they've caught the correct person.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Considering 'risk management' from the patrol supervisor perspective

By Sgt.Phil Jones, PoliceOne Member
Somewhere along the line, we began believing we could eliminate it all together. By always thinking only of risk first and task second, we end up drowning in so much "what if" that we end up doing a disservice to the public. Here's what to do

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Video Tip
Tactic for when the ECD fails
Lt. Kevin Dillon works alongside Liam Duggan in discussing and demonstrating a drill to work through the failure of an ECD. Watch the video
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Why Rubin rocks
This week's photo of the week comes from 17-year-old Jennifer Rubin of Chesterfield, MO. Rubin began the fundraiser "Rockin' 4 Relief," a yearly rock-a-thon that raises money for families of first responders who were killed in the line of duty.
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