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Ohio SWAT officer shot, gunman killed; Video: The world's most patient cop

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 'Attaboys' and 'aw sh*ts': How to accept cop criticism
 Wave of the future: The Wave Glider ASV
 November 22, 2013
Featured News

Video: Police TASER man threatening K-9

Ohio SWAT cop shot, gunman killed in standoff

Video: Man busted for 'rudely displaying' gun

Featured News
NY state trooper falls to death during training exercise: Ross Riley fell off a ledge while performing high angle rescue
Brutal brawl with SF police prompts chief to talk body cams: Phone cameras only catch what happened after
Cop featured on "Boston's Finest" commits suicide: Patrick Rogers killed himself, shocking his department
Video: Is this the world's most patient cop?
Miami store videos show alleged police misconduct
Cops pull over Jose Conseco, find diapered goats in car
Texas police search for gunman who killed 3, wounded 2
Video: Mich. police shoot deer in headlights
Del. trooper shot, manhunt underway for shooter
P1 Roll Call

Trending fake guns; Group raises money for wounded cops

Dave Smith recaps two more incidents in which police were forced to shoot young people toting replica firearms. Watch the video

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Passion for the Job

Attaboys' and 'aw sh*ts': How to accept cop criticism

By Joel Shults, PoliceOne Columnist
The brain craves feedback and the soul craves affirmation — since we get a lot of the former and too little of the latter, how can we improve our positive-to-negative ratio? Lower your expectations
Patrolling the Waterways

Wave of the future: The Wave Glider ASV

By Tom Burrell, PoliceOne Contributor
We've all seen the footage of drone strikes. Over the past 10 years, the nightly news has been littered with proof that unmanned aerial vehicles are valuable and effective tools in the war on terror. But how can UAVs be used in a maritime environment?
Throwback: 'Criminal Identification' circa 1950s
Film highlights a picture puzzle system used by witnesses to reconstruct the appearance of suspects.
How the Middle East affects us at home
Law enforcement expert Betsy Brantner Smith discusses how conflicts in the Middle East affect the U.S. in general and law enforcement.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

8 tips for designing your Citizen Police Academy

By Nicole Ross, PoliceOne Contributor
At their core, Citizen Police Academies (CPAs) are extensions of community policing efforts. The intent is to help create more informed citizens, debunk myths about law enforcement, and open the lines of communication between civilians and officers. Begin with the basics

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Wrist twist from an escort position
Larry Smith of Larry Smith Enterprises discusses and demonstrates a wrist twist technique which can be employed from an escort position. Watch the video
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Is that Ponch?
This week's photo of the week winner comes from Patrol Sgt. Cody Phillips of the Halton City Police Department in Texas.
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Alpha Elite: Declassified
from Point Blank Enterprises, Inc.
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DigitalPersona Grant Assistance Program Now Available for Public Safety
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