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One year after Newtown, lessons learned; FBI arrests would-be airport bomber

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 P1 Roll Call: Ore. cop wounded treats self
 One year after Sandy Hook special coverage
 December 13, 2013
Dear PoliceOne Member,

One year ago, Adam Lanza shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, murdered the two unarmed school administrators who attempted to stop him, and then slaughtered 20 children and four adults. While we mourn the loss of all those who were killed, and wish our best for those who survived and live on with the trauma, we also look at Sandy Hook for lessons learned.

We examine incidents in our past not to second-guess or armchair-quarterback, but to change our strategies and tactics accordingly. Today, we carry a special series of articles by Dick Fairburn, Greg Sancier, Dan Marcou, Larry Jetmore, and myself.

I'm hopeful that we can use the past to pave a future in which no other parent or person shares their despair. In my heart I hope that’s possible. In my head I know it’s not. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor In Chief
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Cops lauded after arrest video goes viral

2 injured in Colo. school shooting, gunman dead

Comedian learns why you should never prank cops

Today's Top Stories:
Ill. officer shot in neck, suspect killed by SWAT: 20-year veteran officer shot in neck is in critical but stable condition
Texas cop succumbs to injuries following crash: Responding to reports of man displaying gun when squad rolled
Ariz. detective resigns after found to be illegal immigrant: Was told by her family that she was born in the U.S.
Video: Ohio cops' snowball fight caught on camera
Video: Sparks fly as Calif. high-speed pursuit comes to end
Multiple people stabbed after Denver Broncos game
NC teen died of self-inflicted wound in squad car
2 Okla. cops rescue lifeless premature baby
Kan. authorities thwart would-be airport bombing
News Analysis:
Active shooters in schools: How far have we come since Sandy Hook?
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
In committing his unspeakable crime in Newtown, did Adam Lanza also reshape our approach to preventing — and responding to — active shooters in schools?
P1 Roll Call

Texas cop fights for life; Ore. cop wounded, treats self

We discuss the Texas officer who continues to fight for his life after being shot in the head and a new initiative that encourages cops to buckle up. Watch the video

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One Year After Sandy Hook

One year after Newtown: Mental wellbeing following a critical incident

By Laurence Miller, PoliceOne Columnist
Many local LEOs who have basic training in community law enforcement may not be prepared for the magnitude of mass casualty events. Here's some advice on how best to prepare, respond and survive. Shattered illusions
Active shooter training
Gary Monreal discusses how Active Shooter Training has evolved and applies to patrol officers around the world.
'Silent night, make the burglar run in fright'
Huddersfield, West Yorks police have recorded a crime-fighting parody version of the classic carol Silent Night urging people to stay safe over Christmas.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Answering the challenge of active shooter situations

By Gregg Wooten, PoliceOne Member
It's not gun control that needs to change, it's "people control." Not some uber-police state where all personal freedom is vanquished, but societal change from the inside. People policing people. People helping people.

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