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In this Issue
Dear P1 Member,

Women account for just 10-12 percent of sworn law enforcement, but the workforce in most agencies is at least half female.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Women Officers eNews. It’s not just for female cops — it’s for any person in law enforcement, sworn or unsworn, including managers, trainers, and supervisors of either sex.

In this issue, I answer a very important question: "What do you do with a pregnant cop?" Also, P1 Contributor Roy Bedard takes a look at the history of police work and explores the idea of "reviving the female warrior."

Enjoy, and keep walking the warrior’s path!

By Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, PoliceOne Columnist


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 What to do with a
pregnant cop
By Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, P1 Columnist
Women aren’t always treated fairly when it comes to pregnancy in the police department. That’s because men don’t get pregnant. The best way to ensure equality is to create a sound policy. We’re all equal, right?
 Reviving the female warrior
By Roy Bedard, PoliceOne Contributor
The first police agencies in America did not allow women, so by the time female officers were invited into the profession, the archetype of the ideal police officer had been firmly constructed in the likeness of a man.
Physical strength is a limited variable

 Is your duty belt designed for women?
By Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, P1 Columnist
Generally speaking, female hips are wider, we have a lower center of gravity, and our torso is shorter than that of our male counterparts, so we should not be wearing gear designed for the male body. Convincing your supervisor
 Pregnancy in a police setting
Pregnancy is a sensitive issue in law enforcement, but it’s an important one. This video explores light-duty options as well as the difference between a pregnancy policy and a maternity policy. Convincing your supervisor
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