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Police photog releases Boston bomber photos; New tech warns of approaching pedestrians

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 3 techniques for controlling your brain
 Which laws do you least enjoy enforcing?
 July 19, 2013
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Police photog releases Boston bomber photos

Video: Off-duty Ariz. cop fired for brandishing firearm

New technology warns of approaching pedestrians

Today's Top Stories:
Training for workplace shootings evolves: 'Run, hide, fight' method has police re-training civilians
6 Colombians charged in killing of US drug agent: DEA agent was allegedly killed by organized group of robbers
Video: Wounded cop criticizes Rolling Stone's bomber cover: Says they could have picked anyone else
4 pedestrians killed in drag race, suspects arrested
NJ court: Warrants needed for cellphone tracking
Federal court ruling favors anti-terror law
DNA links Boston Strangler suspect to last victim
Police bypassed trunk in missing Wis. boy case
N.M. officer sues PD over mental hospital stay
P1 Roll Call

Boy attacks officer, Crowd protests officer shooting

Dave Smith analyzes a story in which a child tried grabbing an officer's weapon, as well as a tragic shootout that left one Texas cop dead. Watch the video
Passion for the Job

3 techniques for controlling your brain

By Chief Joel Shults, PoliceOne Columnist
For a layman like me, a general understanding of brain function can be simplified as consisting of a lizard brain, linking brain, and logic brain. The linking brain is the part that has the most impact on officer safety. Switching back and forth
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The Question

Which laws do you least enjoy enforcing?

By PoliceOne Staff
Police are there to enforce the law, but are there any laws they don't enjoy enforcing? This very question popped up on Quora, and PoliceOne Columnist Tim Dees has offered up his opinion on the subject. Check out his answers and see if you agree.
Ind. police, firefighter softball game honors fallen
Officers and firefighters take the opportunity to remember the fallen and raise funds for a good cause.
Surviving hidden weapons
Captain Steve Johnson discusses the importance of continuing your training and staying up to date on the current trends of hidden compartments in seemingly everyday items.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

What do K-9 training and parenting have to do with leadership?

By Timothy Albright, PoliceOne Member
At the risk of losing credibility by comparing dogs and kids to LE professionals, I believe there are commonalities which are an important part of the recipe for mitigating negative behavior(s) or poor performance. Foremost is that of consistency
MIR Systems Offering New Innovative Technology
MIR Systems introduces mobile CAD/RMS software integrated into advanced tablets and touch screen monitors. Agencies can reduce their paperwork, logistics, and bookkeeping costs while cutting down on the hours officers perform administrative duties.
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Video Tip
Spotting a concealed weapon
Duane Wolfe explains and demonstrates some of the most vital elements of the Observation phase of the OODA Loop. Watch the video
The Forensics You've Been Missing
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Here comes the heat
This week's photo comes from Officer Ryan Cummings with the Sweet Home Police of Ore. If you couldn't tell, Ryan is a photographer in his spare time. Pictured is the sun setting behind a Sweet Home Police Charger at the start of summer.
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