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Police request assault rifles in schools; Cop's open carry response goes viral

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 Both sides: When a cop's kid lands in jail
 'Auxiliary documents' cause confusion for cops
 Aug.24, 2012
Dear PoliceOne Member,

We're very pleased to welcome Keith Bettinger to our ever-growing roster of writers. Keith has written several essays for the P1 First Person Series, and literally hundreds of articles for a variety of law enforcement publications in the United States. I was able to spend quality time with Keith during the annual Public Safety Writers Association meeting in Las Vegas, and during one of our long talks we both agreed we'd need to have a regular feature from Keith here on PoliceOne. Check out his official debut below.

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Featured News

Gunman killed by police after multiple people shot at Empire State Building

Video: Cop's expert open carry response goes viral

Rodney King's 'accidental drowning' involved drugs

Today's Top Stories:
Man confesses to killing Philly cop shot at end of shift: Suspect walked out of prison 10 days before the shooting
Ill. police request assault rifles in schools: Chief wants school resource officers to store rifles in their offices
13 shot in 30 minutes in rising Chicago violence: Some aldermen complain gangs have no fear of the police
Cop killer files lawsuit against Calif. sheriff's office
NH sheriff candidate apologizes for abortion comment
Md. police shoot, kill escaped inmate
Gun group sues Hawaii police over Facebook posts
Chavis Carter called girlfriend from squad car
Alleged thief picks wrong car — a police officer's
News Analysis:
Guys with guns: Contacts with open carry advocates
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
I strongly support the responsible, legally-armed citizen's Second Amendment rights. Problem is, a certain number of open carry advocates seem to be actively trying to engage a confrontation with law enforcement so they can post a video of their encounter to the Internet. This is where my 'support' for open carry individuals abruptly ends. Liberal tactics
Musings of a Retired Cop

Both sides of the bars: When a cop's kid lands in jail

By Keith Bettinger, PoliceOne Columnist
Everyone knows a cop knocking at the front door doesn't deliver good news. There's nothing more embarrassing than finding out that your child has been arrested. 5 tips
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Patrolling the Border

Illegal immigrants' 'auxiliary documents' cause confusion for cops

By Thane Gallagher, PoliceOne Contributor
A new market for counterfeit documents has just been born, and the law enforcement officer now must wade through a through a morass of data in 'auxiliary documents.' Establishing identity
Texas police chase Smart Car
A suspect in a Smart Car led police on a chase this month that, from helicopter video cameras, resembled a speeding wind-up toy.
Mich. man runs from police with baby in arms
Police arrested a man who ran from police with a toddler in his arms after being pulled over for driving a stolen car.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Defending LEOs from the politicians

It's difficult enough to be a cop, but when you add politics to the mix, things get even harder. Whether it's safety budgets being slashed or lack of police leadership, we need to hold to a code of honor. Enough is enough
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Video Tip
Two tenets to keep you safe in a fight
Today we're going to discuss two tenets that will keep you safe in a fight: the underhook, and the bear hug. Watch the video
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Assessing the damage
This week's photo comes from Gary McLaughlin, who took this image after an officer-involved shooting several years ago. "All the damage to the unit was self-inflicted by the officer driving it," McLaughlin wrote.
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