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'Police' t-shirt gets family booted from park; Video: Fatal shootout after pursuit

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 Police work: Expectations, disappointments
 The future of locational privacy claims
 September 6, 2013
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Woman with scissors attacks cop, steals car

Fleeing granny nearly crashes with tot in car

Family theme park visit ends over dad's cop shirt

Today's Top Stories:
Video: NC police pursuit of robber ends in fatal shooting: Pursued suspect following robbery and carjacking
Oakland police leader's new focus: Hire more cops: Fears incoming graduates won't account for number of retirements
9 dead in NJ city crime wave, boosting patrol: City will extend a summer deployment of increased police patrols
'Butt slasher' gets 7 years with time served
Paralyzed Portland cop back to work
Video: DC police boat crashes responding to call
Cops go undercover as construction workers, cite 52 drivers
Son of fallen officer throws out first pitch at Orioles game
400-pound man injures Fla. officer at drug house
P1 Roll Call

Utah cop ambushed, Citizens rescue cops

This week, Dave Smith discusses the first-ever LODD for Draper Utah and two instances of citizens rescuing police. Watch the video
Peer Support

Expectations and disappointments in police work

By Olivia Johnson, PoliceOne Contributor
Does police work ever bring disappointment? Of course it does. Officers voice disappointment in leadership, long hours, shift work, poor pay, and especially the criminal justice system. Does it have to be this way?
Speech Recognition is Changing the Way Law Enforcement Works
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Police Liability and Litigation

SCOTUS, GPS, and the future of locational privacy claims

By Terry Dwyer, PoliceOne Columnist
What privacy does an individual have with respect to their location? By our own volition, we are all connected to electronic leashes that extend across the globe and keep us tethered to a digital watchtower. What this means for law enforcement

Throwback: 1975 police vehicle training film
A '70s era training film on how to handle a police vehicle while in pursuit.
Mo. officers rescue deer trapped on bridge
The officer got the doe to walk alongside him, using his baton as a guide, to get her off the bridge to safety.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Building an experience resume: Each contact has value

By Aaron White, PoliceOne Member
As a street-level use-of-force instructor, I'm always annoying my coworkers with questions about why they did things a certain way, what they learned, how could they improve. I see it as part of the job of helping people become the most effective police officers they can be.
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Video Tip
On-the-road workout routine
Let's celebrate the kickoff of the 2013 NFL season with this video tactical tip that demonstrates a workout routine that can travel with you. Watch the video
Dummies Unlimited Takes Firearms Training to a Whole New Level with 3-D Paper Targets
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Do you know how slow you were going?
This week's photo comes from Sgt. Traven Berrie with the Colorado City, Texas Police. Berrie was returning a Wal-Mart scooter that managed to wander 40 miles from its store, when he asked dispatcher Jo Yancey to hop on for this great photo op.
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