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PoliceGrants Help Newsletter
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 Dear PoliceGrantsHelp Member,

In this month's eNews, we share the importance of generating a positive grant environment as well as how to do this in order to maximize the grant opportunities available to your department.

And we all use a cost-benefit analysis when it comes to buying something expensive like a new car or computer. We tell you just how you can apply such thinking to your grant writing process, and why you should.

The PoliceGrantsHelp Team
Grant Application First Aid Kit

Create a positive grant environment

By Linda Gilbertson
What kind of environment do you work under? Is there thoughtful, deliberate strategizing that makes the best use of available funding by determining real needs? Or is yours more the "throw it against the wall and see what sticks" mentality? Setting up for success
Secrets to Getting Police Grants

Cost-benefit analysis in criminal justice

By Denise Schlegel
Cost-benefit analysis in a nutshell involves deciding you need something, checking out specs of that item, and finding what fits our needs. A new toolkit will help you apply this process to your grant applications. 5 steps

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