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Premiere: The 1-second safety lesson; Range utilization tips

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 Nov. 29, 2012  products products newsletters newsletters
Dear PoliceOne Member,

Welcome to the premiere edition of the P1 Training eNews, a bimonthly special newsletter focused on helping police trainers to be even more effective in preparing officers for the streets.

This month, Dan Marcou covers the three different types of learning preferences and how you can best address them, Dave Smith discusses how to avoid creating negative training scars, and I offer what I call the "one-second safety lesson" for your next lineup or roll call.

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Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
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Distracted driving: The one-second safety lesson

When we're behind the wheel,we should be putting our attention into our driving, not into a glowing rectangular screen. Watch the video
The Winning Mind

Ensuring your training avoids negative training scars

By Dave Smith, PoliceOne Columnist
Because the artifact we are looking for in our training is a high level of performance designed to win on the street, our training should have a lot more scrimmaging than standing. Playing the way you practice
ILEETA Journal

Safe and effective range utilization

By Ed Santos, PoliceOne Contributor
Instructors are always looking for ways to provide the most realistic training possible. The disconnect, however, in how training is developed often comes from lack of understanding of a facility's capabilities. Training objectives
Training Tools

3 types of learning preferences

By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
There are people who like dogs, and people who prefer cats. Whether you are a trainer or a trainee, be sure to make an effort to appreciate what others may like or learn best from. It's about survival
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