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June 2005

The PoliceOne Product Newsletter is sent once per month and is designed to keep you and your department up to date on the latest products, safety issues, research and special offers.
Featured Reports

Torture Testing

by PoliceOne Columnists Dave Young and Gary T. Klugiewicz

From PoliceOne partner, Police Magazine

Whether you are selecting a new holster for yourself or for an entire department, you need to know how to evaluate it and how to train to use it. All holsters are not created equal. You know that. You also know that different types of holsters are designed to be used for different police applications. But what you may not know is how to evaluate holsters for ... Full Report

Firearm of the Month
Springfield Armory 45 GAP
45 Gap from Springfield Armory

Selected by P1 Columnist and Firearms Expert John Meyer

Sponsored by PepperBall

Free Launcher Promotion from PepperBall

PepperBall® non-lethal products have been proven safe and effective for five years at over 3,000 agencies. PepperBall is now happy to extend two new promotions to law enforcement, to help your budgets go farther. When rounds are purchased in approved combinations, your agency will receive a FREE semi-automatic (PDF), OR FREE full automatic (PDF) PepperBall launcher.

--> For more information, email pbmarketing@pepperball.com or visit www.pepperball.com

Product Review: Blackwater Targets - More Than Just Steel

By Frank Borelli, BorelliConsulting.com
In any firearms training program, by far the most satisfying (for the shooter) training segment is that which uses reactionary targets. "What is a reactionary target?" you ask. It is any target that gives an immediate response to a hit... Full Report

Second Chance Recommends Safety Officers Replace Zylon® Vests

In a decision to protect the lives of public safety officers, Second Chance Body Armor is recommending the immediate replacement of any of its bullet-resistant vests containing Zylon® fiber... Full Report

Related Section:
Special PoliceOne Report on Zylon

Related Press Release:
Important Safety Notice - Ultima and Ultimax Vest Wearer with Performance Pacs

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Cause for Concern? PoliceOne Addresses Current Media Coverage Regarding Zylon Ballistic Vests

New Products

Elbeco Uf/x Performance Tee
Rage Battery Motorola 2-Way Batteries
Plant Equipment ORION CADStar
Viper II

Uf/x Performance Tee

Motorola 2-Way (LMR) Batteries
Rage Battery

Plant Equipment

Gould & Goodrich Concealment Handcuff Cases
Telex Telephone Interface device
Morovision MV-14 Ultra Mini Monocular
Concealment Handcuff Cases
Gould & Goodrich

.223 REM Ammo "Linked Belts"

Telephone Interface Device

MV-14 Ultra Mini Monocular

Special Deals for Members

FREE Shipping & Hat with Purchase of Any Two 5.11 Products

Purchase any two 5.11 clothing products from LA Police Gear and receive FREE Ground Shipping and a FREE 5.11 Tactical Hat - simply enter "freeshipping" in the coupon code in the order form. GSA & Quantity Pricing Available.

For more 5.11 Tactical Deals, visit 5.11 24-7@PoliceOne

Blauer Tactical Systems High Gear Headgear Conversion Kit - 25% Off

Shoot or fight! Let the role player decide just like in real life. Only with High Gear™ and our Marking Cartridge Approved Head Gear can you combine Shoot/No-Shoot CQB, hand to hand and prisoner handling drills all in the same scenario. PoliceOne members receive 25% off the FX Simunition Approved High Gear Headgear Conversion Kit.

20% Discount on BlackHawk Products For PoliceOne Members

For a limited time, receive a 20% Discount on BlackHawk's Entire Catalog. For PoliceOne Members Only.

Quartermaster - Semi-Annual Clearance Sale!

Thorogood® Commando DEUCE Boots - As low as $36.88! The NEW Commando Deuce takes all the outstanding features of the old Commando and DOUBLES them.

Fobus Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster - Special Price: $21.99

The new Fobus Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster fits the Glock 9 mm .40 & .357 models. It is the first IWB designed by Fobus and is contoured to allow a full range of motion while in use. The special introductory price will be $21.99.

Product Notes

Locate Hard-to-find Suspects with InfoUSA's SecureUSA Investigative Tool

SecureUSA enables law enforcement professionals to intelligently access records for their investigative searches. SecureUSA allows you to search by names (giving aliases when identified and possible relatives); addresses; property ownership details; and more. Learn More

The M-II Flashcam - The Most Revolutionary Tactical Technology On The Market

The M-II Flashcam is a combination video camera and night vision system built into a single, 17-inch LED flashlight. In addition, the rugged, yet lightweight M-II FlashCam is ideal for covertly recording and documenting field conditions that officers encounter everyday. Learn More
Ocean Systems' Avid dTective System

Get the powerful Avid dTective system with training and support, featuring uncompressed video, capable of VHS and digital processing for $12,995. The Avid dTective provides features not found elsewhere at any price. Learn More

New 900 MHz transmitter from Kustom Signals

The ClearComm 900 MHz transmitter is an optional upgrade on all Kustom Signals' in-car video systems. A few unique features include automatic error correction for superior quality, automatic activation, a built-in internal mic, 12 hours of continuous operation and the ability to switch to any ClearComm-equipped vehicle. Learn More
Draeger Safety C420 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)

The Draeger C420 is a high-performance PAPR designed for use by law enforcement. The standard NIOSH approved combination filter cartridges are designed to provide protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare agents (NBC) as well as TICs. Learn More

Press Releases

Aimpoint Secures Additional Contract From U.S. Military [Aimpoint]

Stalker Radar Introduces the Spectre III Radar Detector [Stalker Radar]

Salient Stills VideoFOCUS Pro 1.7 Offers Enhanced Demultiplexing Features and Increased Software Responsiveness [Salient Stills]

U.S. Army Selects Barrett's M107 Rifle As One of the '2005 Top 10 Inventions' [Barrett]

SymbolArts Designs a New Badge of Honor [SymbolArts]

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