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November 2005

The PoliceOne Product Newsletter is sent once per month and is designed to keep you and your department up to date on the latest products, safety issues, research and special offers.
Featured Reports

Shooting Competition - An excellent source for firearms training

by Nicholas Weidhaas, The Police Marksman Magazine

It is my contention that many of the shooting competitions currently run around the country are excellent sources of firearms training for law enforcement officers. We have all heard the adage, "train like you fight," meaning our training should mirror what we expect to see and do during a deadly force encounter. In a perfect world, this is the ultimate goal—in this same perfect world, every officer... Full Report
Featured Firearm of the Month
Springfield Armory SOCOM II Rifle
Springfield Armory SOCOM II Rifle

Selected by Firearms Expert John Meyer

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Taser to offer stun gun cameras
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.- Public outrage was immediate after police in Miami used a Taser to shock a 6-year-old last year in an elementary school office.

Police said the Taser was used because the boy, a special needs student, had cut himself twice with a shard of glass and threatened to slash himself again or any approaching officer... Full Report

The Risks of Wireless Video

by Adam Woydziak and Laura E. Owen
Wireless networks have been around for a few years. They are recently being touted as a convenient means of uploading video data. This is far from the truth. Wireless networks were created with one goal in mind - to create a convenient method of setting up home networks for non-tech savvy home users. Wireless networks are fine for the home user, but they lack the bandwidth (speed), robustness, fault-tolerance and security to replace wired networks in critical infrastructure, such as for a law enforcement agency... Full Report

New Products

The Shocknife SK-1
Susteen DataPilot Secure View
Track Fire Hand-held Fire Suppression Systems
Allstar Knowledge Systems Narcotics Software
The SK-1 Knife

DataPilot Secure View

Fire Suppression Systems
Track Fire

Narcotics Software
Allstar Knowledge Systems

5.11 Tactical Response Jacket
Odyssey Spec Online
Intoximeters Alcohol Analyzers - Portable Systems
Rugged Notebooks Rough Rider Junior
Response Jacket
5.11 Tactical

Vehicle Spec-Online

Portable Alcohol Analyzers

Digital Camera System

Special Deals for Members

SA-200 "Get Started" Kit Promotion from PepperBall

Free air fill equipment when agencies purchase the PepperBall starter kit. The starter kit includes the SA200, 180 PAVA Pepper rounds, and 180 Training rounds, receive 1 scuba tank & scuba air fill adapter. MSRP: $999.99 (More than 50% off standard MSRP).

VizGuard™ ANSI Class 3 Reversible Duty Jacket from Quartermaster

The VizGuard™ reversible duty jacket provides all the function and performance you require, with the added protection of ANSI compliant hi-visibility. Available in either Navy or Black reversible to Hi-Visibility Yellow. NOW $89.88

20% Discount on BlackHawk Products for PoliceOne Members

For a limited time, receive a 20% discount on BlackHawk's entire catalog. For PoliceOne members only (secure login required).

Trade-in/Exchange Program for Mobile Computers from Itronix

The Itronix Exchange/Sale Program delivers End-of-Life asset management, in exchange for new state-of-the-art GoBook® Rugged notebooks, handhelds and tablet pc solutions.

Factory Close-out Specials from 5.11 Tactical

Get up to 45% off selected 5.11 products. Take advantage of special deals in 5.11 Tactical's new closeout section. Get many great 5.11 Tactical products at incredibly low prices.

Product Notes

Original SWAT Footwear Classic 9-inch Boot

Original SWAT Footwear introduces the perfect winter accessory for those late-night stake-outs or long hours in sub-zero temperatures. This classic 9-inch boot is all leather, waterproof, and seam-sealed. It's insulated with 3M Thinsulate for fast-drying, warmer-than-goose-down comfort. As with all Original SWAT boots, this one features sportshoe comfort with tactical performance. Learn More

RRB's Rapid Rotation Baton

The Rapid Rotation Baton is a hybrid design that combines the features of straight and side-handle batons in a single design. Developed specifically for police and corrections work it quickly moves from a powerful offensive position, to a secure defensive position with a simple, easy to learn rotation. The Patrol Unit, Tactical-Plus and T-Plus "shorty" are all constructed of nylon, making this baton lightweight and durable. Learn More
Elbeco's NEW Ufx Crew Neck Long Sleeve Base Layer

Ebeco's Uf/x Performance base layer line grows with a crew neck version, complimenting this innovative uniform series with better, more comfortable performance undergarments made for public safety! These base layers offer the maximum breathable thermal protection available, regulating your temperature and keeping you comfortable in all conditions, outdoors and in. Learn More
Telex Communications' iDEN Phone Interface

Now dispatchers can control and interface directly with widely distributed iDen phones. These phones can be a controllable asset on a Telex/Vega IP-based radio dispatch system. The NI-223 gives dispatchers the ability to remotely control the functions of Falcon Class iDen phones, much the same as they can with mobile radios. Learn More
Press Releases

Baker Batshield® Introduces Lightweight L.E.D. Lighting Array
[Baker Batshield]

John E. Reid is Proud to Announce their Milestone of Teaching over 400 Training Seminars to Law Enforcement
[John E. Reid]

K-FORCE™ Duty Accessories - Now with Hidden Snaps
[Gould & Goodrich]

FARBER Specialty Vehicles Announces GSA Pricing

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