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January 2006

The PoliceOne Product Newsletter is sent once per month and is designed to keep you and your department up to date on the latest products, safety issues, research and special offers.
Featured Reports

Firearms training range reality & a new training tool

by Dave Spaulding, Law Officer Magazine

It would be optimum if every American law enforcement agency owned a state-of-the-art firearms training facility, but for many reasons, that will never happen. Regardless of how much any given community supports its police department, few citizens want a firearms range near their home. Some claim lead may contaminate the soil and ground water; others fear gunfire noise and the possibility of a stray round entering the neighborhood... Full Report
Featured Firearm of the Month
Springfield Armory Custom Loaded TRP-Pro Model™ 1911-A1 Pistol
Springfield Armory Custom Loaded TRP-Pro Model™ 1911-A1 Pistol

Selected by Firearms Expert John Meyer

Sponsored by InsightAmerica

Acxiom Insight Investigate provides accurate data that's easy to use and conveniently priced. Built especially for Law Enforcement, Investigate's unlimited databases search thousands of National records. No other system provides bonus features, management tools, link-analysis, scoring abilities and more!

--> Call 888-259-6173 or log onto: www.acxiominsight.com

Product Review: The A.T.A.C. 8" Shield Boots

by Dale Stockton, Law Officer Magazine
The new A.T.A.C. Shield Boot from 5.11 Tactical is designed to give law enforcement officers a reasonably priced tactical boot. The Shield portion of the name refers to the ANSI Z-41-level protective toe. I?m not a big fan of boots, having worn some pretty uncomfortable ones many years ago in the military, but the design of this A.T.A.C boot appealed to me, and I decided... Full Report

Member Submission - Body Armor Update:

All's Not Quiet on the Military Supply Front
[Washington, DC]

Public Records - The Security and Investigating Professional's First Tool

Law Enforcement agencies and private investigators, let's face it: when you have been contracted to find someone, that person probably does not want to be found. They may use an alias or they may falsify data; there are plenty of ways to hide. That said, if a person wishes to lead a normal life (owning property, getting married, driving a car, paying taxes, etc.,)... Full Report

New Products

PepperBall SA-10nx Hand Held Non-lethal Launcher
Communication and Hearing Protection Earmolds
New 2006 Catalog
NEW GX-4 Waterproof, Lightweight Uniform Boots
The SA-10nx Hand Held Non-lethal Launcher

Communication and Hearing Protection Earmolds
E.A.R., Inc

New 2006 Catalog
Ray Allen

NEW GX-4 Waterproof, Lightweight Uniform Boots
Bates Uniform Footwear

CoolMax® Acadia Sock
ION In-Car Video System
Police Priority Dispatch System™
NIJ Approved Model 1010 Stainless Steel/Nickel Plated Chain Style Handcuff
CoolMax® Acadia Sock

ION In-Car Video System
Kustom Signals

Police Priority Dispatch System™
Priority Dispatch

NIJ Approved Model 1010 Stainless Steel/Nickel Plated Chain Style Handcuff

Special Deals for Members

Give Stalker Your Best Excuse?

Stalker Radar wants to know the best excuse you've been given by a speeding motorist. Share your best - or the funniest - excuse and be automatically entered to win a state-of-the-art Stalker II Moving Directional Radar (MDR) for your department. Plus, learn how you can receive a free "No Excuses" T-shirt.

MV-2MV- Gen 1 + Dual Tube Goggle from Morovision

D-2MV is the only Generation 1+ enhanced goggle equipped with a built-in photocell that guards the unit against bright light exposure. This light-weight unit offers true-stereo depth perception and features built-in IR and fully adjustable headgear. NOW $639.00

20% Discount on BlackHawk Products for PoliceOne Members

For a limited time, receive a 20% discount on BlackHawk's entire catalog. For PoliceOne members only (secure login required).

FREE 900 gram hand-held fire extinguisher with purchase of any Mark Series System from TrackFire

Mark Series systems are designed for fuel cells, cockpits, and engine compartments of racing vehicles. We offer three types of models with various "stock" configurations. Track Fire can also customize any Mark Series fire suppression system to your specifications!

Factory Close-out Specials from 5.11 Tactical

Get up to 45% off selected 5.11 products. Take advantage of special deals in 5.11 Tactical's new closeout section. Get many great 5.11 Tactical products at incredibly low prices.

Product Notes

ICS ImageMASSter Solo III Forensic Data Acquisition Tool Now With Optional FAST SCSI Interface

With multiple data acquisition features such as IDE, Notebook and Serial ATA hard drives, plus Flash Cards and USB and FireWire connection, the IM Solo III can now capture data from SCSI hard drives in a transfer rate exceeding 3GB/Min. This feature completes the array of functions that makes this data imaging tool the most advanced and versatile computer forensic tool for data acquisition in the market today. Learn More

Blackhawk Products Group Is Proud To Announce The Launch Of: "Duty Gear Done Right"

It took the experience gained on the street, working as street cops, of the team at BlackHawk® to finally get you nylon duty gear the way it was meant to be. With our group of field experts, from beat cop to tac officer, we know what you want and how you want it to look and perform. Learn More
Opus Mobile Command System

Our Mobile Command System is a complete "All-in-One" solution for space saving information and interactive multimedia requirements. Maximize your space and efficiency with the low-profile, low-power design of the Wall Mounted Panel-PC, with optional touch screen, AC or DC power supply, hard drive, and optional DVD rom all built into the case. Learn More
Rugged Notebooks Laptops

Our Rugged Laptops, Rugged Notebooks, Rugged Handheld Computers, Rugged PDAs, Mobile Data Terminals, and Rugged Wireless Tablets are rated at over 10,000 hours on MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). Twice the industry's standard and the return rate of less than 5%. Learn More
Press Releases

DropFire, Inc. Partners with Level 8 to Offer Integrated Communications for Public Safety
[DropFire, Inc.]

DNAPrint Genomics, Inc. Has Licensed A Diabetes Diagnostic Test Developed By Dr. Jose Halperin At Harvard Medical School
[DNAPrint Genomics, Inc.]

Aramsco Introduces...Lector HD Tracked Tactical Robot

Baker Batshield® Announces Ballistic Shield Instructor Training
[Baker Batshield]

Code 3®, Inc. Introduces the New XF2300™ Lightbar
[Code 3®]

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