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February 2006

The PoliceOne Product Newsletter is sent once per month and is designed to keep you and your department up to date on the latest products, safety issues, research and special offers.
Featured Reports

Firearms: Get a Grip, How To Hold Your Pistol

by Dave Spaulding, Law Officer Magazine

The most basic pistolcraft fundamentals—body position, trigger control and use of the sights—don't mean diddly-squat if you don't properly hold your gun. Like all things related to combative shooting, controversy exists regarding how to grip your "roscoe"; this controversy, like all controversies, revolves around personal opinion... Full Report
Featured Firearm of the Month
Benelli M1 Super 90 Shotgun
Benelli M1 Super 90 Shotgun

Selected by Firearms Expert John Meyer

Sponsored by TASER International

TASER International announces the 2006 TASER® Master Instructor School and Conference in Las Vegas, NV on May 2-7, 2006. TASER International invites all of the law enforcement community to participate in this comprehensive training and expert collaboration on TASER technology.

--> For more information or to register, please
visit www.taser.com or call 800-978-2737 ext. 2016.

Tactical Ops: GearCheck, Weapons & Ammo Inspection Tips That Can Protect Your Life

by Jeff Chudwin, Law Officer Magazine
An officer's life depends on serviceable equipment. It's the responsibility of all officers to properly care for and check their gear, especially firearms and ammunition. A few minutes spent on inspection, cleaning and maintenance go far toward reducing the possibility of failure... Full Report

New Products

Blackhawk Law Enforcement Duty Gear
Hinged High Security Handcuff
TacSight SE 35
Ticket Board
Blackhawk Law Enforcement Duty Gear

Hinged High Security Handcuff
Gotcha Handcuffs

TacSight SE 35

Ticket Board
Ticket Board Inc.

ITX Vehicle PC
DATAPILOT Secure View - Computer Forensics
2006 Dodge Charger 16 inch Center Console
#MX10R All-duty / Search Gloves
ITX Vehicle PC
Opus Solutions

DATAPILOT Secure View - Computer Forensics

2006 Dodge Charger 16" Center Console
Jotto Desk

#MX10R All-duty / Search Gloves

Special Deals for Members

Benchmade Mini Auto-Presidio® Knives from Quartermaster

Improved automatic AXIS™ action allows for smoother & faster opening. 154CM stainless steel half-serrated drop-point blade offers broad field utility and toughness and patented bi-directional handle tread design provides amazing grip.
Buy any Benchmade knife and get a 6-bit knife tool kit absolutely FREE! (Retail Value $12) Only $189.99

20% Discount on BlackHawk Products for PoliceOne Members

For a limited time, receive a 20% discount on BlackHawk's entire catalog. For PoliceOne members only (secure login required).

Spanish For Law Enforcement Products from MacConnell

Would you like to learn basic investigative Spanish from another officer who can relate to your day-to-day situations? For a book, CD and reference sheets that you can carry in your breast and/or cargo pockets, check out www.NetCatAZ.com. For a limited time, buy all three items for $23.99, plus shipping.

Factory Close-out Specials from 5.11 Tactical

Get up to 70% off selected 5.11 products. Take advantage of special deals in 5.11 Tactical's new closeout section. Get many great 5.11 Tactical products at incredibly low prices.

Product Notes
Give Stalker Your Best Excuse?

Stalker Radar wants to know the best excuse you've been given by a speeding motorist. Share your best - or the funniest - excuse and be automatically entered to win a state-of-the-art Stalker II Moving Directional Radar (MDR) for your department. Plus, learn how you can receive a free "No Excuses" T-shirt. Learn More

SRX Interoperability (Dual Band) Boards from Vertex Standard

The SRX-1 and SRX-2 boards are optional receiver boards for the VX-4100/VX-4200 mobile. The SRX-3 and SRX-4 boards are for the VX-820 and VX-920 portables. In operation, this gives the cross-band (dual band) function. The board gives ability to monitor each others frequency (UHF to VHF and VHF to UHF). The system gives cross-band compatibility and agencies do not lose the ability to communicate within their own system. Learn More

Uniform Survey - Help Improve your Uniform!

Your opinion counts! Help improve the future of uniforms by offering your insight about the uniforms you wear every day. As a respected uniform-wearing professional, your thoughts are especially important to shaping how new uniforms are manufactured, marketed and sold.

NetMotion Mobility XE

From security to reliability to support for every type of wireless connection, NetMotion Mobility XE is the industry's most complete solution for enabling mobile computing. The current release, Mobility XE, scales to support thousands of users. Learn More
Press Releases

ZARGES Introduces Expanding K-470 Case Series

Stallion Leather Introduces the First Duty Holster Specifically Designed for the New Crimson Trace Glock G-Series Lasergrip®
[Stallion Leather]

RAE Systems Extends Family of Radiation Detectors for First Responders with NeutronRAE II
[RAE Systems]

NAUMD 2006 Best Dressed Law Enforcement Competition
[PSM Group]

Baker Batshield® Announces NTOA "Member Tested" Results
[Baker Batshield]

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