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PoliceOne Product Newsletter - February 2006 PoliceOne Product Newsletter
PoliceOne.com PoliceOne Product Newsletter
March 2006

The PoliceOne Product Newsletter is sent once per month and is designed to keep you and your department up to date on the latest products, safety issues, research and special offers.
Featured Reports

Remember the Rifle: Don't leave your best weapon behind when facing a gunfight

by Dave Spaulding, Law Officer Magazine
Reprinted courtesy of Law Officer Magazine

It's simple: Only a fool will knowingly take a handgun to a gunfight. In the event you haven't figured it out, we in law enforcement carry handguns not because they're effective, but because they are portable. While the police handgun can bring about rapid incapacitation, this type of effectiveness is a direct result of shot placement, which is difficult to achieve during the fluid, rapidly changing activity commonly known as a gunfight. I have spent my entire adult life studying the art of gun fighting... Full Report
Featured Firearm of the Month
Sig Sauer 226
Sig Sauer 226

Selected by Firearms Expert
Mark Hanton
CCW/Duty Carry Editor
American Cop Magazine

Sponsored by Stuckey & Co.
The Shield Insurance Program
Protecting Those Who Protect Us

The firefighters, police, and EMS professionals who protect our communities deserve the best protection we can offer. The Shield Insurance rewards these positions of bravery and honor with a home and auto insurance program that delivers exclusive discounts, outstanding coverage options, and benefits.

--> Learn more at www.theshieldinsurance.com

Product Review: Hornady Law Enforcement Rifle Ammunition

Reprinted courtesy of Police Marksman Magazine
In a continuation of their program to offer the most innovative and mission-oriented rifle ammunition for law enforcement, Hornady Manufacturing Co. has introduced two significant product additions. This new ammunition includes a new 5.56mm (not .223 Remington) round with improved case and bullet design... Full Report

Product Review: An Eye On Crime

Reprinted courtesy of American COP Magazine
There's no doubt part of our job is dangerous. We all knew it when we signed up. I can't count the number of times I entered a dark business in the middle of the night not knowing the potential threat or who might be lurking. We all know passing through a threshold exposes us to the fatal funnel. What if you knew what to expect? No guessing means less trepidation... Full Report

New Products

Deluxe VirtualBlade w/ Sharkee Dagger
Eye Ball R1
VGS3 Wireless Video Gunsite
Instant Stretcher
Deluxe VirtualBlade w/ Sharkee Dagger

Eye Ball R1
Remington Technologies Division

VGS3 Wireless Video Gunsite
Tactical Electronics

Instant Stretcher
Instant Armor

Sig 2022 Compact Style Holster
M3 Tactical Illuminator
Mini ITX Vehicle PC
MR/T™ Riflescope
Sig 2022 Compact Style Holster
Fobus USA

M3 Tactical Illuminator
Insight Technology, Inc.

Mini ITX Vehicle PC
OPUS Solutions

MR/T™ Riflescope
Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

Special Deals for Members

5.11 H.R.T. Waterproof Boot, Desert Sand from Quartermaster

The most functional and innovative Special Ops boot on the market. Designed with input from special operations professionals around the world, the H.R.T. is setting new and higher standards for tactical footwear. Regular Price $139.95 -- NOW $89.88

Susteen DATAPILOT 2006 Blowout!

$20 Off all DATAPILOT Individual Kits. Offer limited to the first 1,000 customers. Enter promo code 2006 sale at checkout to receive your $20 instant rebate.

Get Great Prices on RAE Systems Flagship Products

We're making it even easier for you to find great deals on your gas detection monitors. Find out the latest trade-in offers available for 3- to 5-gas monitors, Radiation Detectors, and PID monitors.

Factory Close-out Specials from 5.11 Tactical

Get up to 70% off selected 5.11 products. Take advantage of special deals in 5.11 Tactical's new closeout section. Get many great 5.11 Tactical products at incredibly low prices.

10% Off Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar

PoliceOne Members receive a special 10% discount on this dynamic, career-changing program. Laced with riveting video footage and captivating real-life survivor stories, the class continues to draw enthusiastic response from the full span of career stages, from rookie to chief.

Product Notes
Security Solutions International 2006 Training Update

Security Solutions International (SSI) announces the remaining dates for their Homeland Security Training Missions to Israel for 2006! The much acclaimed training in Israel missions will depart on: June 9th, July 7th, September 8th, and November 3rd. The trip has been attended by Agencies from across the country and testimonials from security professionals can be read on the site: See what your colleagues are saying about SSI's Training in Israel - www.homelandsecurityssi.com

Rugged Revolution in Video Capture from Panasonic

Combining the very latest digital video technology with rugged and reliable construction, the Toughbook Arbitrator is an indispensable partner for incident documentation. With features and specifications designed to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement, the Arbitrator is setting the new standard for mobile digital video systems. Learn More

Priority Dispatch Police Protocol

Now enjoy all the benefits and safety features of a unified Police Protocol, combined with the latest technology in caller interrogation and response prioritization, with the new Police Priority Dispatch System™. Following the experience of years of trial and success, the PPDS™ seeks to create a unified standard and ensure that all callers will receive a comparable level of service regardless of the incident type or calltaker. Learn More

GEMINI PLUS II™ from Decatur Electronics - Low-cost, high quality digital tape video released

Decatur Electronics, Inc. next generation Gemini Plus IITM digital tape in-car video system is flying off the shelf, with more than 200 units of the high-quality, low cost video shipped in the first two weeks of production. The new video combines improved tape clarity for an industry benchmark in evidentiary documenting recordings. The video shipments push Decatur video units in use by police nationwide to more than 10,000. Learn More
Press Releases

N-Vision Optics Introduces The Night Strike Night Vision Monocular
[N-Vision Optics]

State-wide Program Selects Padcom for Secure, Seamless Wireless Mobility Solution

Gila County, Az. Licenses Browser-based Government Software from New World Systems
[New World Systems]

NAUMD 2006 Best Dressed Law Enforcement Competition - May 31, Deadline to Enter
[PSM Group]

Allstar Knowledge Systems to Implement CANE System at Jacksonville, Fla. Sheriff's Office (JSO) - Narcotics and Vice Unit
[Allstar Knowledge Systems]

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