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PoliceOne Product Newsletter
PoliceOne.com PoliceOne Product Newsletter
May 2006

The PoliceOne Product Newsletter is sent once per month and is designed to keep you and your department up to date on the latest products, safety issues, research and special offers.

Featured Reports

Underbarrel Lights: They're not just for SWAT anymore!

By Sgt. Mike Burg
Reprinted Courtesy of Police Marksman Magazine

Having spent 13 of my 28 1/2 year career on the night shift, I know the value of a flashlight, and more importantly the value of more than one flashlight. In fact, we creatures of the night are also painfully aware that anything mechanical will fail just when you need it the most. That is why having multiple flashlights on night shift is a must. Obviously the remainder of my career has been spent on other shifts, both afternoons and days. During those shifts, I've also found a need for a good flashlight... Full Article

Related Story: Low-Light Training: Not Just a Shot in the Dark

Featured Firearm of the Month
Springfield Armory XD45 ACP
Springfield Armory XD45 ACP

Recommended by Firearms Trainer
Sgt. Bill Sandman
W. Palm Beach (FL) PD

Sponsored by PSM Group
$750 Monthly PSM Group Grab-Bag Giveaway

The Contest goes on! Future drawings will be held June & July 1st!
Each prize package is filled with the latest gear from the members of the PSM (Public Safety Manufacturers) Group. Each MONTHLY GRAB BAG is worth over $750 each. The PSM Group members include Bates Footwear, V.H. Blackinton & Co., Damascus Protective Gear, Gould & Goodrich Leather, Mocean, Peerless Handcuff Company, Strong Leather Co., and U.S. Armor.

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Product Review: The Gerber Crusader - A lightweight, heavy-duty knife

By Dave Spaulding
Reprinted Courtesy of Law Officer Magazine
Ever walked through a store, spotted an item and immediately understood its functional value? While walking through a Dick's Sporting Goods store, such was the case for me when I saw the Gerber Crusader folding knife hanging on a display rack in a bubble pack. The knife's robust blade and curved grip configuration immediately caught my eye, but I could not get my hand around it. Fortunately, the store had one in its display case, so I was able to handle the knife. What looked like a heavy-duty knife... Full Article

New Products

ForceField™ ACH Advanced Combat Helmet for Law Enforcement
Deluxe VirtualBlade w/ Sharkee Dagger
SD-600 Helmet
5100 Series Portable Radio
ForceField™ ACH Advanced Combat Helmet for Law Enforcement

Deluxe VirtualBlade w/ Sharkee Dagger

SD-600 Helmet
Bell Pro Police Products

5100 Series Portable Radio

New Vehicle Graphics
Tek Twill - Expanded Color Range OD and Spruce Green
New Holster Series
SG239 (9mm only)
SN-3 1.8-10x Slimline
New Vehicle Graphics
Municipal Graphics

Tek Twill - Expanded Color Range OD and Spruce Green

New Holster Series SG239 (9mm only)
Fobus USA

SN-3 1.8-10x Slimline
US Optics

Special Deals for Members

Show Your True Colors with SureFire

Order your limited-edition SureFire 6PTM Patriotic Spirit and a portion of the net proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting men and women of our armed forces who've been severely injured in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations around the globe.

Enter To Win 5 Handheld Directional Radar Units

A $2,500 VALUE
Your voice counts! Give us 10 minutes of your time and you will be entered for a chance to win $2,500 worth of handheld radars for your agency or the agency of your choice. Complete the following law enforcement traffic survey about radar, radar trailers and in-car video. What do you want as customers? Your responses and anonymity are guaranteed.

Enter to Win TacSight Golf Shirts from Bullard!

Through the end of May, everyone who signs up to receive the new Bullard TacSight Law Enforcement newsletter will be entered into a drawing for five TacSight golf shirts from Lands' End. To enter, add your name to the subscription list at www.bullard.com/tacsight.

Factory Closeout Specials from 5.11 Tactical

Get up to 70% off selected 5.11 products. Take advantage of special deals in 5.11 Tactical's new closeout section. Get many great 5.11 Tactical products at incredibly low prices.

10% Off Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar

PoliceOne Members receive a special 10% discount on this dynamic, career-changing program. Laced with riveting video footage and captivating real-life survivor stories, the class continues to draw enthusiastic response from the full span of career stages, from rookie to chief.

Product Notes

Decatur Electronics' OnSite™ 100 and 300 Unveiled

Decatur Electronics' two newest trailer models roll out in May. The small, yet durable OnSite 100 dolly offers the same portable benefits as the OnSite 200 but in a lightweight version with a 14-inch LED display. And the OnSite 300 speed trailer is the smaller version of the 350 and 400 series. The 300 is perfect for departments needing a fleet of trailers or smaller departments needing cost-effective, high quality alternative. Learn More.

The Tracer from Datalux

All-in-One unit contains display and computer for ease of servicing, mounting and installation. The unit may be removed by unplugging a single connector. The computer offers a selection of Intel M-processors with performance exceeding Pentium IV. Display enhanced by the addition of three anti-reflective films to the LCD/touchscreen assembly for readability in bright conditions encountered in police cruisers. Learn More

K-9 NESTT Explosive Training Materials - Exclusively from Ray Allen

Not Pseudo - Real Explosives!
The most revolutionary explosive training aids available today: No DOD License required; realistic training aids containing actual explosives; increase reliability of K-9 detection through more frequent training in realistic situations and preparation and packaging are designed to minimize contamination during storage, training and handling Learn More

The 6015 Edge Pinnacle Monocular

Now In Stock! Available exclusively from Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc.
Introducing ITT Industries Night Vision's most advanced single tube product. As an upgrade to the NE6015 monocular system, the 6015 Edge has the latest tube technology, impressive list of included accessories, and delivery in less than 30 days! Learn More

Press Releases

NetMotion Wireless Announces Mobility XE 7.0 Beta
[NetMotion Wireless]

Get Ready To Roll With The Eye Ball R1
[Remington Technologies Division]

First Choice Armor Introduces Revolutionary, New Level IV Plate
[First Choice Armor]

Baker BatShield® - An Effective New Tool for "Buy & Bust" Operations
[Baker Batshield]

May 2006 Tarheel Canine Training, Inc. Update
[Tarheel Canine Training, Inc.]

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