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November 2006

The PoliceOne Product Newsletter is sent once per month and is designed to keep you and your department up to date on the latest products, safety issues, research and special offers.

Featured Reports

Weapon-Mounted Lights

By Chris Boyd, Law Officer Magazine

Whether affixed to a primary sidearm, shoulderfired .223 entry weapon, 12- gauge shotgun, 40mm launcher or PepperBall gun, white light sources mounted on a variety of weapons are becoming mandatory items of everyday police equipment. The reason is simple: You can't hit what you can't see. And target identification is equally as important as hitting what you aim at - you certainly don't want to accurately hit a friendly instead of a suspect.... Full Article

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Insight Technology Integrated Sighting Module
Low-light training: Not just a shot in the dark

Featured Firearm of the Month
Springfield Armory XD 45ACP
Springfield Armory XD 45ACP

Recommended by Firearms Expert
John Meyer,
President of
Team One Network

Sponsored by SureFire

The EarPro EP210 Radio Communication System channels incoming radio communications clearly, covertly, and comfortably into your ear-without interfering with normal hearing. Made of the highest-quality components and built to last. For a limited time, get a free SureFire G2 flashlight (a $36 value) with every purchase of an EP210.

--> For more information, visit www.surefire.com

Beretta PX4 Storm

By Mike Boyle
Police Marksman Magazine
The Beretta Model 92 remains one of the most popular pistols of the modern era. For over two decades, it has been the official handgun of the US Armed Forces and is also widely used by law enforcement agencies. As with many successful designs, the M92 has given way to a number of variants including models with different trigger actions, safety functions and grip dimensions... Full Article

New Products

High-Threat Tactical Whisper-Mic Headset
Apprehender™ Cuffing Baton
GSP-1700 Satellite Handset
Sabre Aerosol Projectors
High-Threat Tactical Whisper-Mic Headset

Apprehender™ Cuffing Baton
RMB Industries

GSP-1700 Satellite Handset

Sabre Aerosol Projectors
Security Equipment Corporation

Urban Assault Systems
UDC Under-Door-Camera
Armor Of God Coin
LaCrosse Footwear Taser NMT
Urban Assault Systems
Protective Products International

UDC Under-Door-Camera
Zistos Corporation

Armor Of God Coin
SymbolArts, LLC

LaCrosse Footwear Taser NMT
Danner, Inc.

Special Deals for Members
Try the FLIR Systems FlashSight Today at No Cost!!

FLIR is proud to introduce the FlashSight Law Enforcement Trial Program. Qualifying Law Enforcement agencies are eligible to participate in our 10-day trial program where they can experience the power of thermal imaging for nighttime pursuits and searches. Agencies can elect to purchase the system or simply return it in the prepaid packaging.
New from Ray Allen - Internet Specials

Each month Ray Allen Mfg. will select a few key or fun items and offer them to our Internet Customers at a reduced price. So check our website regularly and see what's on sale this month. You never know what products will appear here!
10% Off Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar

PoliceOne Members receive a special 10% discount on this dynamic, career-changing program. Laced with riveting video footage and captivating real-life survivor stories, the class continues to draw enthusiastic response from the full span of career stages, from rookie to chief.
FREE Shipping at CHIEFsupply.com Through Dec. 31!

CHIEF has a gift for you this holiday season: free standard "on-time" shipping on all orders over $100 placed at CHIEFsupply.com. No coupon codes to enter, just load your shopping cart with great public-safety gifts and products for your colleagues, loved ones, or ahem, yourself. Hit the $100 mark for free standard freight. Be sure to visit CHIEF's Holiday Gift Center where we make the process easy: browse great gift ideas by price-point, profession, even view our top-10 picks. Visit http://www.CHIEFsupply.com today to get started.
DataPilot Secure View for Forensics from Susteen

The ALL NEW Secure View for Forensics allows law enforcement to acquire contacts, calendar, memos, to dos, SMS, call history, and pictures from 650 mobile phones and verifies the integrity of the acquired information with the use of MD5 HASH value. Order by January 1, 2007 to receive a $500 instant rebate.

Product Notes
The I.S.M. from Insight Technology, Inc.

Introducing the I.S.M. from Insight, the world's only fully Integrated Sighting Module. No other single-targeting system provides the level of integration of the I.S.M. Infrared Illumination combined with co-aligned Red-Dot Sight, Visible Laser and Infrared Laser. I.S.M. features MIL-Spec engineering and is lighter and more compact than many single function aiming and illuminating devices. Learn More

PocketCop® from BIO-Key International, Inc.

PocketCop®, BIO-key's premier mobile data application that runs on a variety of handheld devices, is the ideal solution for administrators, investigators and patrol officers who are not in cars. PocketCop allows users to query state and federal databases, maintain their status, send and receive talk messages and announcements and more. Learn More

The "High-Speed" Option - Are You Capable?

Progressive Agencies train & equip for "Immediate Action Rapid Deployment". Utilizing the lightweight and portable ballistic Baker Batshield®, first responding patrol officers now have the ability to quickly confront armed adversaries and dominate a close quarter battle (CQB) during dynamic active shooter encounters. Learn More

PIPS Technology ALPR Back Office System Server

PIPS Technology, the worldwide leader in ALPR Technology, features BOSS. BOSS provides for coordinated flow and management of data across both mobile and fixed deployments of PIPS award-winning ALPR Technology. Mapping, networking with other agencies, reporting, and data mining are just a few of the powerful functions provided by BOSS. Learn More
New Online Merchandise Section from OpTac International

OpTac International provides extensive leadership experience to address the specialized needs of law enforcement personnel worldwide. We invite you to visit our new online Merchandise Section at www.optacinternational.com. Our specialty items include: training publications, tactical equipment, and clothing for improved performance. Learn More

Press Releases
Integrian Wins Top Honors at Fast 50 Awards

Advanced Charger Technology And Comtrex Communications Announce Distribution Agreement
[Comtrex Communications]

Ocean Systems dTective® Selected For LEVA International Law Enforcement Training Lab
[Ocean Systems]

Datalux Corporation Introduces New Tracer Keyboard

N.Y.P.D. Chooses Damascus® Gloves

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