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Time to recharge your shirt
Time to recharge your shirt
By Tim Dees
Gadgets get smaller all the time. The first cell phones were the size of large bricks, and were almost as heavy; now they’re smaller than a pack of cards. What hasn’t kept up as well are the batteries that power all of our portable toys. Batteries are heavy, bulky, and rigid. It may soon be possible to build batteries into clothing and other flexible housings.
Hot topic in materials science
April Product Category of the Month - Apparel
Product Article
5.11 Tactical fundraises with 9/11 memorial line
5.11 Tactical raises money for 10-year anniversary of 9/11
By Drew Johnson The Modesto-based company has created a line of commemorative apparel with the goal to raise more than $250,000 for three public safety officers’ funds.
Products go on sale May 11

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Product Review
TRU-SPEC 24-7 Series shorts, pants, and polo
Product Review: Tru-Spec 24-7 Series shorts, pants, and polo
By Lindsey J. Bertomen
The TRU-SPEC 24-7 line of clothing is perfect for special unit personnel who routinely keep a lower profile but need maneuverable and durable wear. Innovative professional gear

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Enhance Officer Safety and Increase Criminal Apprehension with The ThugFindIR™

The ThugFindIR™ is the only law enforcement tool featuring: true Forward-Looking InfraRed Imager, Nighttime-Optimized CCD Camera, InfraRed Illumination, audio/video recording, 2 X 750 Lumen LED Flood Lamps with Strobe and 110db screamer for confusing an attacker. The ThugFindIR™ incorporates all these tools and more, integrated into one portable device.

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Federal SignalSee Federal Signal's
SignalMaster on the all new Valor lightbar

Go Rhino! Go Rhino! Partitions Made Easy
Laguna ManufacturingLaguna's 3PX-TREME is put to the test vs. Hummer

L-3 Mobile Vision L-3 Mobile Vision Introduces the AlertVU ALPR System
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Product News
New TASER X2: A preloaded backup shot
New TASER X2: A preloaded backup shot The reload may not be done quickly under stress, which is why the X2 has that second shot preloaded, among other features.
Got backup?

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Company News
Product Article
Roadside cell phone data extraction
Roadside cell phone data extraction
By Tim Dees
Many cell phones, especially smartphones such as the iPhone and various Android models, are as powerful and have as much storage capacity as desktop computers of a few years ago. They contain photographs, video, calendars, contact lists, and in the case of the iPhone, an index of everywhere the phone has been for up to a year. If that information belongs to a law-breaker, it’s the sort of thing that police find very useful. A tool every law enforcement agency ought to have

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 Honda model chosen as Wash. troopers' new ride
 Tech used to fill void after officer cuts
Dramatically Improve Your Sight Picture

XS Sight Systems precision machined 24/7 Tritium Express gun sights, rails and MIL/LE tactical accessories. Fast front sight acquisition in high stress situations day or night. Upgrade your duty, carry, AR-15 and shotgun. If you need a gun, you need XS Sights.

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XS Sights Systems
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Digital Safety Technologies, Inc. RedMan Training Gear Digital Ally, Inc.
New, Innovative

Digital Safety
Technologies, Inc.
Affordable D2 Head Protection System
RedMan Training Gear
Laser Ally Breakthrough LIDAR Speed Gun
Digital Ally, Inc.
Galco Gunleather C4i Seer Helmets
Fletch High Ride
Belt Holster

Galco Gunleather
SwitchplusIP: New Features Added
Durable Switchblade
Lighting System

Seer Helmets
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