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; Motorola unveils the LEX 700;
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February Product Newsletter
Product Exclusive
A new handheld device seems to be more science fiction than fact — but ‘tomorrow’ and ‘today’ are sometimes separated by the slimmest margin. Motorola's LEX 700, a ruggedized and compact handheld device designed to deliver data, photos, video, and voice securely over multiple networks, is now available. How it brings out the inner geek
Product Spotlight
 Put in the simplest terms, TransTalk enables the rapid exchange of information across a language barrier — you speak into the device the question you want the subject to answer, the computer instantly translates that into the subject’s native language, and asks it in an audio format. But there's more to it
Featured Article
 Motor cops don’t have the protection of a passenger compartment, seat belts, or air bags to protect them in a collision. There is technology on the horizon that could remedy this situation, but I think there might be too much resistance on the basis of appearance. What the "Safety Sphere" does
What's better than an iPad 2? Getting one for free.
Featured Video:
 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Looking through L-3 EOTech sight helps a lot too. Check out this video of what L-3 showcased at SHOT Show.
Improve Reaction Times with the Tactical Weapons Simulator

The TWS-DT provides force option training, helps develop and maintain muscle memory skills and the best part is it's easy to set up and portable, with minimal operator training required. Even better – this product is eligible for Grants and we can help you with your grant project.

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 Product Videos
 Reconyx SC950 HyperFire Security Camera catches the perp in action  Do you know if your command vehicle is up to the task?
 Look ma, no hands! A critical look at RAM Mounts  How Elbeco stays close to your heart
More Product News
Product Article
 The public has unreasonable expectations of police tactics in public order situations, demanding measures that are pain-free, risk-free, and yet effective in removing people from places they are not allowed to be. Are there any technologies that can meet these challenges? Dazzle them
Company News

Product Article
An internal investigation cleared a trooper who in September used a TASER on a woman now in a coma. Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Daniel Cole was cleared of wrongdoing in using his TASER on Danielle Maudsley, 20, a suspect in two hit-and-runs. Caught on a dash cam
Win an In-Car Video System or Handheld LIDAR

We all know budgets are tight these days, so Digital Ally has decided to give away a DVM-100 In-Car Video System, Laser Ally Handheld LIDAR and even a Video Event Data Recorder for your city’s fleet. They’re also footing the bill for free grant assistance!

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.45 ACP Cartridges
Black Hills Ammunition
FLASHBACK2 Digital In-Car Video Solution
L-3 Mobile-Vision Inc
RIMS Mobile Computer System
Sun Ridge Systems Inc.
Tactical Assault Vest
U.S. Armor
Custom Patrol Bikes
DRS Duty Gear from Redman
Redman Training Gear
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