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January Product Newsletter
Product Feature
By Lindsey Bertomen
With a sub-caliber training device, an officer can shoot a whole day for the price of a box of bullets. Recoil is significantly reduced and shooters can concentrate on skills drills. The more time on trigger, the better the shooter becomes. Why every dept. needs one
Product Spotlight
By Tim Dees
Tire-deflation devices to aid in the termination of pursuits have been with us for most of the careers of cops working today, but their use is not without controversy. Fleeing drivers still push their vehicles on, sometimes running on the metal rims to try and escape the police.
Several options available
Product Review
The recent 9-0 Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. Jones undoubtedly creates a Fourth Amendment hurdle for investigations, but that issue notwithstanding, one device merits a look by any agency interested in using GPS tracking technology.
How it fared
What's Hot

Featured Video
 VIEVU Body Worn Camera Catches this Use-of-Force Incident

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 Product Videos
 Working the Scent Wheel  The GAT Kicks Some Glass
 FTR Interrogator Digital Recording Solution for Police Interview Rooms  How To: Look Around Undetected
More Product News
Seen at SHOT Show 2012
During the first day of SHOT Show 2012, I found something which might be of interest to PoliceOne readers — the new Chase Series boots due out on the market later this Spring.
Like Sperry Topsiders with a punch
Company News

Products in the News
Australian Police are testing a speed gun capable of recording video evidence and generating tickets. The 20/20 TruCam goes beyond the traditional laser gun in that offenders are captured on video, Adelaide Now reported. Police can retrieve high-resolution images that reveal vehicle make and model, license plate information and facial characteristics of drivers. Less paperwork, accurate evidence
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Featured Products
The New DVM-400 In-Car Video System
Digital Ally
Caprice Console
RAM Mounts
Short Sleeve Polo with coldblack Technology
TT Type Thermal Torch Camera
Guardian Non-Metallic Combat Boots
Smith and Wesson Footwear
Q4 Tactical Armor System
Point Blank Body Armor
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