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Flying with firearms has never been simple, and I still have to be careful to meet all the TSA and airline requirements before I leave for the airport. That has included several evolutions of gun and ammunition case combinations until I came upon the Gunvault Nanovault Firearm Safe. Carry on when you carry
July Product Category of the Month - Software
Product Feature
 Everyone who has worked in law enforcement has worked with a variety of specialized computer software — from the programs in the Microsoft (MS) Office Suite to the LEO-specific software for report writing, criminal databases, or evidence inventory management.
Software is everywhere
Product Review
My brain can’t wrap itself around complicated crime scenes, HAZMAT spills, or special events that deploy multiple agencies or monitor multiple assets at an incident. Get an at-a-glance status update
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 See How PowerDMS Suite's TRAINING Can Help LE Education Be More Effective
It's Here. TAC-21 Remington 700 Chassis

Modular chassis for Remington 700 short action rifles. Provides the ultimate in versatility. Serves as the base for adding components to increase functionality. Full length
mil-std 1913 rail on top of chassis. Designed to accept any AR15/M16 stock and grip, offering a wide variety of customization options.

 Get yours exclusively at PoliceStore.com
 Product Videos
 Watch Point Blank Body Armor's Thorshield Protect Officers from TASER and Stun Guns  CJ Components Debuts Their Newest Tactical Audio Accessory: The H-250VCEB Handset
 See How Fast SPYRUS Secure Pocket Drive Can Boot Windows Embedded Standard 7  TruckersMall.net Shows Off The Power Of The TurboFlare 360
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Product News
 The cruiser-mounted PlayBook allows officers to control the lightbar, pull up maps or officer task lists, and more. Watch the demo
Company News
Product Article
A few weeks ago, criminal hackers from LulzSecurity and Anonymous separately penetrated the safeguards of the internal network of the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety, capturing a significant haul of operational and personal information on the agency's operations and officers.
Staying safe on the web beat
Simulation Technology Introduces The Ultimate Driving Sim System for LE

Let's start by putting you into the same vehicle you drive everyday: Ford Crown Vic, Dodge Charger, Chevy Tahoe--we make the actual vehicle cockpit--and we make it just the way you drive it...with all the needed controls for the true, tactile training that's fundamental to your safety.

 Climb into This Sim
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Vision SLR Lightbar
Federal Signal
FIST Tactical Training Suit
Dummies Unlimited
ImageMASSter – Solo-4 Forensic System
Intelligent Computer Solutions
Tactical Weapon Sim - Deployable Trainer
Laser Shot
ToughTrack Weather Resistant GPS Tracker
CovertTrack GPS
EPIC – (Enhanced Protection, Individual Comfort) System
Team Wendy
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