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Firearms Review: Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle
Firearms Review: Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle
By Mike Boyle
Over the last decade, many law enforcement agencies have embraced the concept of a patrol rifle — a shoulder fired weapon with more power than the handgun and greater reach than a shotgun. Typically, semi-auto military-style rifles are selected to fill this role, with the AR-15 and its many clones being the most popular. Will continue to dominate the scene

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March Product Category of the Month - Body Armor
Product Spotlight
Body armor roundup
Body armor roundupPoliceOne is focusing on the latest news and information on law enforcement body armor products and accessories throughout the month of March.
See complete product roundup

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Product Feature
Is liquid body armor becoming a reality?
Is liquid body armor becoming a reality?
By Tim Dees
The promise of “liquid body armor” incorporating shear-thickening fluid (STF) has been on the horizon for at least seven years, ever since the technology was first developed at the University of Delaware. Within 2 years?

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Diamondback Tactical Featured Video Diamondback Tactical's New Predator Ballistic Vest
See Tactical Electronics Under Door Camera in Action

The Tactical Electronics Under Door Camera: UDC4, is a highly portable camera providing the user with wireless inspection of rooms behind closed doors. An IR LED Illuminator, 4 IR LEDS and a light sensitive black and white camera provide covert wireless vision to any dark area. The mini DVR records real-time video directly to a high capacity SD card for post operation review and archiving.

 Watch the the UDC4 video now
Tactical Electronics
 Product Videos  More Videos
NivisysWatch the TAM 14 live fire demo from Nivisys
Reeves EMS See how the Reeves EMS ICP Trailer save crucial time in emergency situations
MPH IndustriesCheck out this video footage using the
Muvi-LE Pro
from MPH

ReconRobotics Watch SWAT team using Recon Scout Robot enter threatened house
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Product News
SC departments partner on UAVs
SC departments partner on UAVs The Richland County Sheriff’s Department and the Columbia Police Department have launched the 'Aerial Intelligence and Response' program for surveillance, search and rescue, and SWAT operations.
Need some "A.I.R."?

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Company News
Product Article
Technology to help respond to an active shooter or large attack
An end to duty belt pain?
Beep beep beep. The signal does not mark the arrival of an everyday type of text message, but rather an alert that a suspected shooter has been reported in a downtown high school. The shift commander quickly accesses the Kansas City Regional Asset Protection and Response System on his PDA and instantly begins to review critical infrastructure information that will help lead to a quick and successful resolution of the situation. Developed after Columbine

More Products in the News
 Video: HD dash cams sharpen vision in Texas
 Mobile fingerprint scanners making field IDs easier
C4i Set to Launch Release 8

C4i delivers more value to their award-winning SwitchplusIP® with the addition of new features: increasing telephony call queue capability with the new Call Queue Overflow; GUI enhancements to reduce the number of button presses; PTT from cell phones; and additional support for sound card based operator workstations.
Learn more at www.c4i.com/flash

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Digital Ally LEOSA digiTICKET
Most Efficient In-Car Video System: The DVM-750
Digital Ally, Inc.
Armed Self-Defense Insurance Protection
digiTICKET Electronic Ticketing
Saltus Technologies
US Night Vision ThugFindIR Secure Outcomes
FLIR AN/PVS-22 T105 Universal Night Sight
US Night Vision
The ThugFindIR
Integrated Technology Systems
Mobile LS1100
LiveScan System

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