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Firearms Review: The Ruger Mini-30 Tactical
Firearms Review: The Ruger Mini-30 Tactical
By Andrew L. Butts
The Ruger Mini-14 should need no introduction to most American shooters. It has been in production for over thirty years and has been made in various configurations and calibers in that time. In addition to being available as a semi-auto, Ruger made the gun in a select-fire format for sale to police departments and called it the AC-556. Enter the Mini-30 Tactical
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Product Article
The 'AnkleBiter' Rig from Sticky Holsters
The 'AnkleBiter' Rig from Sticky Holsters
By Dave Grossi Most cops will find the AnkleBiter works best with baby Glocks,
J-frame revolvers, small-framed Sigs, or any other of the customary back-up pieces like the Kel-Tec P3AT or Smith Bodyguard 380.
Turn cartwheels without the rig moving

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Product Review
Shooter app for Droid
Shooter app for Droid
By Richard Fairburn
For snipers and firearms trainers, the “Shooter” app from designer Sean Kennedy is a must have. The accuracy of the trajectory calculations is spot on, matching both the numbers generated by the JBM Ballistics site and my own range-verified tables. There's an app for that

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XS Sight Systems Featured Video Check out XS Sightsystems'
Glass Assault
Tool in Action

Get the Competitive Advantage with the Propper™

Propper International™ introduces the NEW A-TACS® ACU and boonie as the foundation to the first ever head-to-toe concealment system for tactical professionals. The revolutionary A-TACS® camouflage uses organically-shaped pixels and natural colors to blend effortlessly in open, arid and rocky environments, giving you the extra seconds’ advantage to get the first shot.

 Get the exclusive uniform for ultimate concealment
Propper International
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Code 3, Inc.Turn the color
on with Code 3, Inc.'s Multi-Color RX2700CC MC Lightbar

Team Wendy Get the proper helmet fit with Team Wendy's EPIC pad system
Tactical ElectronicsSee the Tactical Electronics
Helmet Camera withstand the rigors of a tactical environment

C4i Learn what communications solutions
C4i provides law enforcement

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TASER used to take down fleeing Calif. cyclist
TASER used to take down fleeing Calif. cyclist The officers were trying to investigate a report that the man was in possession of a controlled substance.
TASER to the rescue

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 Officials want to bar unmarked cruisers in Wash.
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Product Article
Product Review: Yaqui Slide Holster
Roadside cell phone data extraction
By Will Brink
The Yaqui Slide is an “old school” design that defines simplicity. Look up the term “simplicity” in the Shooters-Dictionary-O-Life, and there’s going to be a picture of the Yaqui Slide holster or some version of it! As with our modern society, people often associate new with better. Experienced shooters know well that this is not necessarily the case.
Offers options few other holsters can
See and Catch the Bad Guys with The ThugfindIR™

The ThugFindIR™ is the only law enforcement tool featuring: true Forward-Looking InfraRed Imager, Nighttime-Optimized CCD Camera, InfraRed Illumination, audio/video recording, 2 X 750 Lumen LED Flood Lamps with Strobe and 110db screamer for confusing an attacker. The ThugFindIR™ incorporates all these tools and more, integrated into one portable device.

 Get everything you need with one portable device
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Lexis Nexis M.R.A.P.S Ballistic Shield Avtec
Virtual Identity Search and Report Now Available
Lexis Nexis
M.R.A.P.S Ballistic Shield
Baker Ballistics
MOTOTRBO™ Console System - Now Shipping!
Ticket Board, Inc. Peerless Handcuff Co. CovertTrack GPS
New Ticket Board® Ultra with UV Mag
Ticket Board, Inc.
Model 801 Hinged Handcuff
Peerless Handcuff Co.
The MicroTracker II Miniature GPS Tracker
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