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Product Newsletter
October 2007

High-intensity crimefighting
with next-generation strobe lights

Every so often a new tactical technology comes down the pike and generates a lot of hype. Some of this new stuff is actually very useful and becomes part of the standard tactical kit.

In fact, in just the last 15 years we’ve seen significant innovation in tactical tools. The latest technology is strobing lights ... Full Article
Featured Firearm of the Month
M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle
Px4 Storm
From Beretta

Selected by Firearms Trainer John Farnam
Defense Training International

Sponsored by Communications-Applied Technology

ICRI provides rapidly deployable radio interoperability during TOPOFF 4 and California wildfires. The Oregon 102nd WMD-CST’s ADVON (Advanced Party) came to the DHS TOPOFF 4 emergency response exercise and successfully used their small, AA battery powered ICRITM to enable them to bridge otherwise incompatible radio systems. ICRIs are have also been used for past and recent California wildfires to provide a field deployable, portable, and simple to operate radio interoperability solution.

StarChase helps police get a jump on pursuits

Officers know that high-speed pursuits can be dangerous for everyone involved. Many end in fiery crashes that can cause property damage and injure officers and civilians. While it may provide television stations with dramatic footage, there is a need in the LE community to mitigate risks of these pursuits ... Full Article

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Products in the News

Digital mapping to aid FBI

FBI agents investigating violent crimes in more than a half-dozen major metropolitan areas will soon begin using off-the-shelf digital mapping software to uncover leads that weren't evident before ... Full Article

Also in the News:

San Diego PD patrol with gun, badge and a PDA

N.J. special unit rolls out the latest equipment for rapid response

Sponsored by PDSI

TeleStaff is an automated scheduling and notification solution for law enforcement and corrections agencies. TeleStaff optimizes the scheduling, communications and deployment of employees, resulting in improved workforce efficiency, controlled labor costs, and compliance with union rules and other agency policies. Over 450 public safety agencies rely on TeleStaff each day.

PoliceOne Product Tips

How to keep duty belt
equipment in place
Medical aid for officers

I used to have trouble with my equipment sliding around on my nylon duty belt. I fixed this problem

by slicing 1/2” to 1” bands from an old bicycle innertube ... Read tip

Visit the PoliceOne Duty Gear page

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Buy and carry packets of Quick-Clot®, a commercially available

product, tested and used by the U.S. military to stop severe bleeding. You can buy a UFR pouch from Combat Solutions ... Read tip

Visit the PoliceOne Medical Supplies page

Featured Products

Shadow SL442-RT
from Command Light
Clip-on Thermal Sight

from Insight Tech- Gear

24/7 Tritium Stripe
from XS Sightsystems
LE Drug I.D. and Symptom Guide
from Emergency Training Associates
"L" Flash Bang Pole
from J&N Tactical

Special Deals
Never Quit Industries Offers Special on ASAP Tactical Nutrition

For a limited time, 50% off ASAP Tactical Nutrition. A box of 20 ASAP meal replacement shakes is only $27.97, regularly $59.95!! This introductory offer is only good through December.

Free 5.11 Response Jacket... A $50 Value From CHIEF

Buy a 5.11 5-in-1 Jacket or a 5.11 3-in-1 Parka at CHIEF, and get a 5.11 Tactical Response Jacket—FREE! The Response is the perfect lightweight windbreaker. It's packed with heavy-duty features, including a 100% polyester shell, inside document pocket, 3 removable flip-out ID panels, hidden chest pockets and zippered hand pockets. Offer ends Dec. 31.

OpTac International Offers Discounts for PoliceOne Members
For a limited time only, OpTac International is offering a PoliceOne members exclusive discount on all training events. Normally $329 per person, training sessions are now $299 per person.
A Special Offer to Law Enforcement From BMW
If you always wanted a personal BMW motorcycle, now is your chance to get something extra! Receive bonus cash back from BMW when
you buy a personal use motorcycle. Pick the model you really want, work your
best deal, and get cash back from BMW!
Buy 12 TP QC's; Get a TP For Free
The TAC-PACK™ is intended for the emergency treatment of open or bleeding wounds, gunshot wounds, stab wounds, explosive trauma, and certain smoke & dust conditions. When it comes down to safety and preparedness, Tactical Medical Packs are essential.

Product Notes

General Dynamics Itronix Offers Fully Rugged, Ultra-Mobile Notebook
Small and rugged on the outside and big and powerful on the inside, the GoBook MR-1 is quite simply, the most rugged offering in today's rugged ultra-mobile clamshell notebook category. The GoBook MR-1 is perfect for military, police, public safety workers and a variety of vertical industry mobile users. Learn More...

Danner Launches the Striker II GTX
The new Striker TM II GTX is an expert quality boot, enhanced with an extremely light platform, improved styling and ankle support.  The GORE-TEX® provides waterproof protection in the field.  Danner’s supportive Terra Force™ X Lite performance platform will ensure the job gets done without the weight of a traditional boot. Learn More...

Crime Scene Technologies Launches the AmpFlSTR® MiniFiler
The new AmpFlSTR® MiniFiler amplifies the 8 largest Identifiler® loci that are most likely to "drop-out" from the DNA profile of a highly degraded or inhibited item of evidence. Used with Identifiler®, it can produce full DNA profiles from highly degraded samples as often associated with "cold cases." Learn More...

Safariland Revolutionizes Ballistic Safety With RFTech Safi Plate
The RFTech Safi Plates provide patented, stand alone ballistic safety for officers and departments that demand maximum protection. Available in Level II and IIIA, these NIJ-compliant plates come in a variety of sizes and can be easily inserted into existing plate pockets. Reducing trauma is one thing, but stopping rounds before they hit your vest can make all the difference in the world during shooting situations. Learn More...

New From Dataradio—The GeminiG3
This native IP mobile operates at up to 128 Kbps in 50 kHz channels at 700 MHz or 64 kbps in 25 kHz channels at 800 MHz, UHF or NPSTC channels—all with exceptional adjacent channel protection. The GeminiG3 automatically adapts to the speed of the base station for maximum network flexibility. Learn More...

RMB Industries Provides a Better Way to Apprehend Suspects

The Apprehender™ Cuffing Baton (CB-01) combines the power and strength of a baton with the restraint and control of a handcuff, in an ergonomic design that allows even the smallest police officer to control the largest suspect safely and easily. The secret is in the special design of the CB-01 that uses patented cuffing technology with the power of leverage to increase the strength, reach and effectiveness of any police officer who uses it. Learn More...

Press Releases

Galati Gear Introduces Left-Handed Deluxe Tactical Vest
[Galati International]

BAE Announces Launch of SAVVY Body Armor for Women

[Savvy Armor]

AgileMesh, Inc. Launches The Quick Deploy Drop Car Kit
[AgileMesh, Inc.]

Extendo Bed Offers Light Application
[Extendo Bed]

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