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SWAT cop comforts kids after standoff; NYC chokehold ruled homicide

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 Do something about corruption in your PD
 How to react when a cop 'goes bad'
 August 1, 2014
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SWAT cop comforts kids after nearby standoff

FBI agent opens fire during suspected kidnapping

Video: Ohio pursuit ends in fatal crash

News Analysis:
Do something about the corrupt cop on your PD
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Gordon Graham advocates for background checks to be continual and ongoing. I’m not sure I’d go that far (I suppose if I was managing a risk pool, I could see the argument). I suggest something simpler: Identify the problem, and take it upon yourself to do something.
Roll Call

Reality Training: How to handle excited delirium cases

This week we review excited delirium, a medical emergency that can put the community at risk, and discuss how to handle it properly. Watch the video
Criminals, Victims, and Cops

How to react when a cop goes 'bad'

By Karen Bune, PoliceOne Columnist
It is an indisputable fact that in any profession there is a bad apple in every bunch, but the impact in the police world is more devastating than most others. Openness and transparency are vital. Acknowledge wrongdoing

The Tactical Advantage of Electronic Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles offers police and security motorcycles with customizable options to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of patrol applications. With a 'fuel' cost of a penny per mile and a maintenance-free powertrain, a Zero Motorcycles patrol fleet offers the ability to save your agency money while also giving you a tactical advantage.
Check out the advantages of electric patrolling
RI cop helps deliver baby
The 22-year-old officer credits his EMT training to the successful birth of a healthy baby girl.
Completing the drill
Renowned firearms trainer John Farnam discusses the concept of 'Completing the Drill' and never letting your guard down.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

How long can you deal with death and trauma before it starts to affect you?

By Gina Smith, Special Guest Contributor to PoliceOne
How many deaths can you see before it is all you see when you close your eyes? How long before you start looking for ways to numb the pain? In the case of one great cop I know, I’m guessing about eight years

Combat Crime, Enhance Productivity & Improve Officer Safety with 3M
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Video Tip
Escaping the 'chicken wing' rear attack
PoliceOne Columnist Dan Marcou discusses and demonstrates several options for escaping an attack from the rear. Watch the video
Learn How to Access Grant Money and Assistance for StarChase Products
Why chase the suspect when you can tag it, fall back, track it, intercept. The pursuit ends here.
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Why we serve
Officer Kelly Summey snapped this incredible photo of her 6-month-old granddaughter holding her grandfather's badge.
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