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Sheriffs sue over new gun restrictions; Video: Man on truck hood begs woman to call cops

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 Avoiding hindsight bias in evaluating critical incidents
 What do you think about 'sovereign citizens'?
 May 20, 2013
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Colo. sheriffs sue over new gun restrictions

Video: Man on truck hood begs woman to call cops

Officer shot in Marathon showdown wants to work

Today's Top Stories:
2 FBI agents killed in training accident in Va.: Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw were killed off of Virginia Beach
NY student was killed by police in split-second decision: Officer was forced to fire when suspect took aim at him
Suspect in Ariz. cop's fatal hit-and-run arrested: Jesus Molina was arrested Sunday on drug-possession charges
Chicago's rookie cops return to community policing
NYC: No racial motivation in stop-frisk tactic
Calif. car thieves accidentally dial 911 during crime
Burglar locks up homeowner in gun closet, gets shot
Funds went untapped for Camden police
Charges filed against man in Nevada killing spree
The Warrior's Path

Avoiding hindsight bias in evaluating critical incidents

By Duane Wolfe, PoliceOne Columnist
The camera doesn't tell us what happened before the squad showed up. It can't tell us what happened outside the camera view or what the officers saw. In fact, it can’t tell us anything. It can only record what happened from its position. Unfair advantage
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The Question

What do you think about the 'sovereign citizen' movement?

By PoliceOne Staff
A question posted recently on Quora asked, "For those in law enforcement, what are your thoughts on the sovereign citizen movement?" Unpredictable and sometimes dangerous
The breakdown of a NC police pursuit
Officers detail everything about their instincts during a pursuit, using a recent incident as an example.
Mall cop fights woman for taking pictures on mall property
People taking pictures of an accident that happened in a ravine were asked by a mall cop to stop taking pictures of the incident.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
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Tactical Tip
Easing duty-belt discomfort
By John Barber, PoliceOne Member
During the last 20 years, I’ve tried every trick in the book to relieve the discomfort caused by the duty belt on my hips. From suspenders to relocating gear, nothing has really worked. Until now
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