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Shoplifter fatally shot at Walmart; Video: Cops dramatic car fire rescue | June 20, 2012

PoliceOne Member Newsletter
 A bereaved mom's life-saving message for cops
 Fudge factor: Cooking the books on crime stats
 June 20, 2012
Dear PoliceOne Member,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest addition to the PoliceOne roster of writers — the incomparable Val Van Brocklin. I first met Val (via phone) about two weeks into my time here at P1, and over the years since then we've been intermittently in touch on a variety of shared interests and ideas. Now that she's squarely on board, Val's monthly column will appear on the third Wednesday of every month, and cover a broad spectrum of law enforcement topics — from off-duty fun to street-smart success strategies for cops. Welcome to the PoliceOne family, Val. Let's do some good!

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor In Chief
Featured News

2 deputies shot during Wash. traffic stop

Video: Texas officer rescues suspect from fiery crash

Video: Drunk driver seeks out cop...to say 'thanks'

Today's Top Stories:
Man rams cruiser, is fatally shot at Mich. Walmart: Police confronted a suspected shoplifter in the parking lot who refused to comply
DA: Santa Maria officer justified in officer's shooting: Had to make a quick decision to fatally shoot a fellow officer who was also his best friend
No charges for dad who killed child's abuser
Coroner: Excited delirium killed TASERed man
Officer's bloody uniform at issue in trial
Beard may delay Fort Hood rampage suspect's trial
Talk of UAVs patrolling spawns anxiety
SWAT executive officer arrested after assault over 'loud cellphone call'
News Analysis:
Blue on Blue: Prepare for the unthinkable
 By Ken Hardesty, PoliceOne Columnist
In times past, when an event occurred that involved department personnel, especially those where the officer is injured, administration would provide the facts and circumstances surrounding the case, including any learning points derived from it. These debriefs are happening with less frequency these days, and the most common reason is dissemination of morale. Elephant in the room
10-8: Life on the Line

A bereaved mom's lifesaving message for cops

By Chuck Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
How would you feel after a trooper's vehicle, going 126 mph while the driver is chatting on a cellphone, tore through your daughters' car, killing them instantly? Amazingly, Kimberly Schlau doesn't hate cops. Instead she teaches them
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    Cop Gumbo

    Fudge factor: Cooking the books on crime stats

    By Val Van Brocklin, PoliceOne Columnist
    Crime data collection, analysis, and pinpointed response help law enforcement agencies fight crime. But the 'fudge factor', or manipulation of data to falsify lower crime rates, robs the public of real safety. Fudging recipes
    The Russian dash cam supercut
    Drivers on Russia's notoriously perilous roads are equipping their vehicles with dash cams in order to substantiate accident claims in court.
    Police foil felon's slick stunt
    A man stopped by police hides a gun in the wheel well of the police vehicle, unseen by the officers.
     View more police videos at BLUtube.com
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    Tactical Tip
    2 tips for deadly-force encounters
    By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
    We already know that bad guys and good guys carry firearms differently. Good guys use holsters. Bad guys use anything and everything else. Similarly, don't assume that the bad guys are training in the same firearms tactics. Train to win
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