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Sikh temple cop speaks for first time; TASER deployed at career day

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 The deadly dangers of 'detraining'
 Toy guns on Halloween: Fun or firearm?
 Oct. 31, 2012
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Justices hear arguments over K-9 use

Video: NYPD chopper rescues Sandy victims

First interview: Lt. Brian Murphy speaks about temple shooting

Featured News
2 Iowa officers shot following bank robbery: A day long man-hunt for robbers involved more than 30 officers
Floodwaters force fire and police depts. to relocate: Flooded towns set off frantic rescue, as first responders were moved
NY State police mourn loss of retired cop: Fatal car accident leaves colleagues reminiscing the veteran's career
Video: Dog shot, man arrested for trespassing
Erratic dancer arrested for assaulting officers
Drunk woman arrested trying to save ducks from hurricane
Family sues FBI in fatal shooting of Detroit imam
Lawsuit: Cop TASERed boy during career day
'Fast and Furious' killer pleads guilty
News Analysis:
What's in a sniff: SCOTUS considers drug dog use
 By Ken Wallentine, PoliceOne Columnist
Today's cases offer the Court an opportunity to decide critical questions: Is a sniff outside a residence is a search? Just how much evidence must be produced in court to show that a detector dog is reliable? And how much evidence is needed to give probable cause to search a car when the dog gives a positive final response? What constitutes a search
The Winning Mind

The deadly dangers of 'detraining'

By Dave Smith, PoliceOne Columnist
The negative trainers — such as routine or foolish peers — are relentless in their training and can only be countered by good training and coaching. A good supervisor sees their role as coaching for excellence and survival. Who's training you?
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10-43: All Units...

Toy guns on Halloween: Costume fun or a concealed firearm?

By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Is that a toy gun? Is it a real gun? How much time do you have to decide? No matter what night it is, circumstances ultimately dictate what you will do when you encounter someone with something that looks like a gun. 3 considerations
Future police K-9, Jax
This 8-week-old future police K-9 does some adorable rag work.
Woops! Cops make easy getaway
Officers literally run right past the suspects' car and into the building, making an easy escape for amazed robbers.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
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