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Stl. cops, chief debate firepower; Cop's "0INK" license plate prompts suit

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 6 common gang legal defense tactics
 Why your 'shooting stance' matters
 July 22, 2013
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Suspect killed, Pa. officer wounded in 18-hour standoff

Fla. police chief a calming influence amid Zimmerman protests

Ohio man charged with murder after 3 bodies found

Today's Top Stories:
Miss. officer struck and killed on highway: Was in process of removing BBQ grill that had fallen onto the highway
Former cop and 'Law & Order' star Dennis Farina dies: Cop-turned actor who often played an officer died at 69
St. Louis police chief, police debate firepower: Lobbying to have weapons that match what they're facing on streets
Facebook users rally for cop who leaked Tsarnaev photos
Mass. police talk woman out of jumping from crane
Zimmerman saves 4 from car accident
Police: 4 NY motorcyclists clocked going 138 mph
Ind. cop's “0INK” license plate prompts lawsuit
Pa. cop probed for photo with unicorn mask, porn star
Gang Investigations

6 common gang legal defense tactics (and how to beat them)

By Nick Perna, PoliceOne Contributor
Defense attorneys make a living by attacking all types of expert testimony and a few are actually very good at it. So, how does the law enforcement expert — a cop with street experience and some formal training — fend off such an attack?
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Firearms Corner

Why your 'shooting stance' matters

By Ron Avery, PoliceOne Columnist
A skilled shooter learns to use position, placement of the center of gravity, and specificity of effort to hit precisely and rapidly under all conditions and positions. Reactive shooting science
Swedish squad allegedly involved in street race
A squad can be seen pulling up alongside another vehicle, and taking off at the same time down the street.
‘The Pee Analyzer’ combats drunk driving via urinals
The Pee Analyzer is a multi-step monitoring program designed to decrease the number of drunk drivers by letting valets know when a person can or cannot drive.
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Facebook Forum

20 best and worse speeding excuses

By PoliceOne Staff
Cops hear some of the best explanations for why the driver they've pulled over was speeding. Here are some of the real answers our Facebook fans have heard. "My haircut makes me look fast"
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