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Surviving the Streets
Intuition on the street: Harnessing the power of the sixth sense

For police, the phenomenon of a "gut feeling" is in constant play, whether we're evaluating a witness, sizing up a situation, or rooting out a lying suspect. But it is never more important than when processing communication cues of potential assailants.

But what is this intangible thing in our collective psyches that allows us to size up people in the mere blink of an eye? ... Full Story

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From the Calibre Press Street Survival Newsline

Thousands of reams of paper have been wasted on the fallacy of trigger control and how allegedly important it is to shooting skills. Numerous "shooting gurus" have gone on record saying that trigger control is the number one problem when it comes to shooting a handgun. Thats a bunch of hogwash! ... Full Story

Officer Safety in the News

'Stop sticks' at center of Fla. crash investigation

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — A tire deflation device is at the core of the investigation into the deaths of two sheriff's deputies killed by a fellow deputy chasing a stolen car last month.

A key question facing sheriff's investigators is why the deputies, dressed in their dark green uniforms, were on the unlit road during a pursuit, and whether the equipment they were using was faulty, malfunctioned or improperly used ... Full Article

Also in the News:
Ind. officers train for stress response

Five-hour Utah standoff ends safely with arrest

Shots fired after suspect runs over Philly officer

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Officer Safety Video Tips from LETN and POSA

LETN reviews driving techniques to help you control your vehicle in adverse winter weather.
LETN explores options for confronting a suspect during a one-officer building check.

LETN takes an in-depth look at a nighttime traffic stop that turns deadly.

POSA discusses stance as related to firing a shotgun.

POSA shares insight into the use of shotgun slugs in close-range encounters.

POSA explains how a small search stick can tip you off to hidden weapons.

PoliceOne Safety Tip
"Night proofing" your uniform

Many nighttime situations — especially high risk searches — require officers to eliminate visual attractors just as they work to eliminate sound.

In today's safety tip, a P1 member reminds us that, just as jangling keys are your enemy, so are shiny objects ... Read tip

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