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Surviving the Streets
Pre-attack indicators: Conscious recognition of telegraphed cues

In this article we will address specific nonverbal signals communicated by perpetrators that suggest nefarious intent. These signals — leaked out of the unconscious facet of the criminal mind and displayed via body language — need to be recognized and cataloged in the conscious mind of those in law enforcement.

It is imperative that we train ourselves to recognize certain signals in order to narrow the processing time between observation and action. ... Full Story
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From the Calibre Press Street Survival Newsline

While serving as an expert witness in lethal force incidents on behalf of police officers, I frequently hear the plaintiff’s expert say things that are obviously erroneous and are not supported in any case decision. But research supports the fact that contemporary training is paying off in high-stress and life-and-death situations. Police officers are performing extremely well under stress in the street and in court. ... Full Story
Officer Safety in the News
Vest saves Calif. officer's life in shootout
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — A fleeing suspect was killed and a police officer wounded during a Saturday night shootout. The Kern County Coroner’s Office said Leon Anderson Jr., 36, of Bakersfield, died at the scene.

Wounded was Officer Dennis Eddy. Eddy was in stable condition having suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot to the right leg and another to his chest. “The gunshot to the chest fortunately did not penetrate his bullet resistant vest,” a spokesman said. ... Full Story

Also in the News:
Search for two who rescued deputy from burning cruiser

2 Utah officers cleared in fatal shootings

Man gets life for attacking Tenn. officer
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Officer Safety Video Tips from LETN and POSA

LETN tells officers on the ground how to safely guide helicopters.

LETN explores handling a subject who flees from a one-officer, door-to-door building check at night.

LETN explores the impact thorough investigations can have on highway safety.

POSA shows the dangers of a popular firearm unloading technique and provides an alternative suggestion.

POSA shares ways you can condition your hands to better withstand impact.

POSA explains the tactical benefits and challenges of rail-mounted pistol lights.

PoliceOne Safety Tip

They're watching you

In today's tip, a P1 member says offenders often know much more than you think, including your personal driving habits ... Read tip

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