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Surviving the Streets

Intuition on the Street, Part 2: Rationalizing the irrational

In response to my article in last month's P1 Survival Newsletter, veterans as well as less experienced officers offered their own insights about the phenomenon of rapid unconscious processing and how this factors into their survival as law enforcers.

In Part 2, I'll discuss the phenomenon of "cognitive dissonance" — how conflicting thoughts play a central role in the interpretation of events ... Full Story

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From the Calibre Press Street Survival Newsline

Most active shooter incidents are over too quickly for a rapid deployment contact team to enter the kill zone. So while rapid deployment training is critical, it must be considered a follow-up technique to supplement the instant response of on-scene personnel. To this end, I recommend one iron clad rule all sworn officers should obey: Carry a weapon off-duty ... Full Story

Officer Safety in the News
Mass. officers know the danger of their jobs
FITCHBURG, Mass. — David Gordon is approaching his sixth year as a Fitchburg police officer. He knows being a cop is not like any other profession. "Like a lot of guys, I wanted to make a difference," he said.

What goes unsaid for Gordon and other officers is the danger of day-to-day police work. While police try to stay a step ahead of the criminals, many deaths result from situations police can't control ... Full Story

Also in the News:
Prisoner escort under review in Md. following officer assaults

Amid violence, N.Y. troopers to get better equipment

Utah officers' training lauded in shooting incidents

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GIS technology gives public safety personnel the ability to manage and analyze large amounts of location-based information. Data (including files from legacy systems) can be stored in a geodatabase and used to visualize spatial relationships and reveal trends critical to public safety response and planning. Computer-generated maps can be shared across a network or the Internet with multiple agencies to coordinate efforts and maximize resources.

Officer Safety Video Tips from LETN and POSA

LETN tells officers on the ground how to safely guide helicopters.

LETN explores the options for safely handling a situation involving two suspicious people.

LETN explores the impact thorough investigations can have on highway safety.

POSA explains why palm-heel strikes are not always preferable to punches.

POSA explores two different draw stroke variations that get you on target fast.

POSA explains the tactical benefits and challenges of rail-mounted pistol lights.

PoliceOne Safety Tip

Vehicle extraction for arrest

In today's tip, a P1 member explains how to make a vehicle extraction that maximizes your mobility and control while minimizing the suspect's ability to escape ... Read tip

Visit the P1 Police Restraints page

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