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Surviving the Streets
Training outside the box to win lethal confrontations

As an instructor, I usually ask one of the rookies in the audience this question: "What would you do if a subject wielding a knife charges you with the intent to inflict bodily harm?" The answer from the young officers is almost always the same: "I'd shoot him."

The follow-up question is, "Is that the correct answer?" ... Full Story

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From the Calibre Press Street Survival Newsline

You've just made a big arrest. Investigators have gathered lots of additional evidence and you think a conviction is in the bag. Now it's time to go to trial. You're going to be called to testify. Are your courtroom skills solid enough to help win this case, or does your lack of skill and preparation stand to endanger it? ... Full Story

Officer Safety in the News

Police shooting deaths spike nationwide

PHILADELPHIA — So far this year across the country, 63 officers have died from gunshots, and experts say more are being targeted in a deliberate fashion.

"Something has transformed the mentality of these inner-city kids that killing a police officer is just the price to be paid for doing business of dealing drugs or robbing a store" ... Full Article

Also in the News:
Wash. motorcycle officers could get safer ride

Suspect overpowers, disarms Md. state trooper

Mass. State Police revises pursuit policy

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Testing has proven the CG-Lock offers the police officer an inexpensive, easy-to-use way to ride more comfortably, respond faster and more safely, and reduce injury in the event of an impact or rollover. Slightly tightened lap belt holds the spine against the lumbar support of the seat, increasing comfort and reducing fatigue. When responding, a simple pull on the shoulder harness tightens the lap belt racing harness tight, and provides significant car control improvements.

Officer Safety Video Tips from LETN and POSA

LETN reviews your options for stop tactics on a misdemeanor arrest.
LETN explores options for confronting a suspect during a one-officer building check.

LETN takes an in-depth look at a nighttime traffic stop that turns deadly.

POSA explains why palm-heel strikes are not always preferable to punches.

POSA shares insight into the use of shotgun slugs in close-range encounters.

POSA explains how knowing how to use the "Mental Pressure Point" can make many situations safer.

PoliceOne Safety Tip
Don't let them grab your gun

When it comes to weapon retention, prevention is the name of the game.

In today's P1 tip, tactical expert Gary Klugiewicz tells you how to keep an assailant's hands off of your gun, whether drawn or in the holster ... Read tip

Visit the P1 Weapon Retention section

Read more Officer Safety tips

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