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Surviving the Streets

'I'm not arrestable'

The words, "I'm not arrestable," were uttered by a motorist to Las Cruces, New Mexico rookie Police Officer Carlos Wooten moments before a suspect pulled a gun on him during a traffic stop.

In the Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar, the instructors often ask, "Before people attack us what do they do?"

Veteran officers are quick to answer, "They tell us!" ... Full Story

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From the Calibre Press Street Survival Newsline

The plethora of phone cameras, security cameras and cameras in general is allowing the public to view an increasing number of police actions. The law enforcement community needs to teach the public and reach out to the media in order to educate them about use of force — that, even when applied properly, it's just not pretty ... Full Story

Officer Safety in the News

Study: Tasers safe for police work

SEATTLE — Tasers and similar stun guns, increasingly popular among law enforcement agencies nationwide, are generally safe for police to use, according to new research.

"This is the first time we've got an accounting of how likely it is that you'll be seriously injured by one of these devices," said lead researcher, Dr. William P. Bozeman, an emergency medical specialist ... Full Article

Also in the News:
As officer slayings rise, a new brutality surfaces

Canadian recruits being used for two-man car system

Texas constables will soon serve felony warrants

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Officer Safety Video Tips from LETN and POSA

LETN reviews your options for stop tactics on a misdemeanor arrest.

LETN explores the options for safely handling a situation involving two suspicious people.

LETN explores the impact thorough investigations can have on highway safety.

POSA explains why palm-heel strikes are not always preferable to punches.

POSA shares insight into the use of shotgun slugs in close-range encounters.

POSA explains how grip strength impacts everything from handcuffing to gun retention.

PoliceOne Safety Tip
Increasing cover safety of units

In today's tip, a P1 member shares a trick for increasing your safety margin when using units for cover. This tip makes use of old material, so it doesn't cost much and it could save lives ... Read tip

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