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— Scott Buhrmaster, Managing Editor

Crime-fighting can be exhilarating, but beware of the rush

One aspect of law enforcement that is almost impossible to sufficiently describe to civilians is how the adrenaline rush that officers experience while engaged in particular crime-fighting activities affects the brain and the decision-making process.

Involving yourself in situations that activate this physiological response is often quite an exhilarating experience, and is actually sought out by many in the police profession ... Full Story

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From the Calibre Press Street Survival Newsline

One of the dirty little secrets in the annals of police firearms training is the number of accidental discharges we experience (I prefer the term negligent discharge, because very few of these are accident). Most unintentional rounds are let loose because the gun handler broke one of the safety rules, so a review of the four basic gun safety rules is in order ... Full Story
Officer Safety in the News

Denver officers in line to get better safety gear

DENVER, Colo. — Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's proposed 2008 budget would buy a third of the city's police officers' safety gear to protect them if they become first responders to chemical, radiological, biological or nuclear attacks.

Police officials had said 1,200 personal protective equipment response kits in use were too old to work properly ... Full Article

Also in the News:
NYPD recalls 30,000 tactical response hoods

2 Northern Calif. agencies win top honors for traffic safety programs

Calif. anti-gang forces network to save lives

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Officer Safety Video Tips with LETN and POSA

LETN explores the impact thorough investigations can have on highway safety.

LETN reviews survival defense against different types of knife attacks.

LETN explores the use of police air support for crime-fighting efforts.

POSA explains why palm-heel strikes are not always preferable to punches.

POSA shares insight into the use of shotgun slugs in close-range encounters.

POSA explains how grip strength impacts everything from handcuffing to gun retention.

PoliceOne Safety Tip
Avoid getting spotted
through a keyhole

When approaching a door, a quick peek through a keyhole from the inside can tip suspects off to the fact that the police are outside, giving them a chance to react. In today's tip, a P1 member shares a creative way to quickly and effectively cover keyholes. ... Read tip

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