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Suspect hurls pipe bombs at police; Video: Bank robbers crash into multiple cruisers

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 The rules of a gunfight: The Miami firefight
 3 reminders for operations in flooded environments
 Nov. 2, 2012
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Bombing suspect hurls pipe bombs at police

Hero cop dies saving family from surging Sandy

Video: 12-year-old leads police on pursuit

Today's Top Stories:
Video: Wis. cruiser hits pedestrian in blackout: Man stepped into street during power outage leaving roadway black
Detective rebounding after amputations: Pneumonia took both legs below the knees, left arm at bicep and all fingers of right hand
Video: Mich. bank robbery suspects crash into multiple cruisers: Police say two masked men robbed a Citizen’s Bank Thursday morning, prior to the pursuit
Police called for shot woman find Halloween zombie
Calif. death penalty opponents say it's too costly
Slayings spotlight Fla. gun laws
Md. officer indicted in shooting of fleeing man
Insurance pool drops coverage for armed posse in Ariz.
Calif. chief's 'police brutality' spam filter scrutinized
PoliceOne Exclusive

The rules of a gunfight: The Miami firefight

By Mike Rayburn, PoliceOne Contributor
In a gunfight, you need to keep firing until the bad guy is down and no longer poses a threat. One only needs to look at the FBI’s Miami firefight involving Platt and Matix in 1986 to understand this hypothesis.
How to prepare
UC's Top Ranked Master's Degree Is Now Accepting Applications for Fall
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Patrolling the Waterways

Surviving a superstorm: 3 things you should do

By Tom Burrell, PoliceOne Columnist
We cannot prevent natural disasters with police work — we can only respond to them — and this is something we are not used to. But we owe it our citizens, our families, and ourselves to make sure we're ready.
Staying afloat
Police encourage citizens to "Call Me Maybe" in parody video
The Tampa Police Department lip-sync the Carly Rae Jepsen hit to tell their community to call the department with crime tips and information.
Police keep pace with motorbike in high-speed pursuit
Dash cam footage shows cruiser weave in and out of traffic in Russia while pursuing a bike with no intentions of pulling over — until he has no choice.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Improving service for individuals with mental health issues

By Tom Wetzel, PoliceOne Member
Over the years, a significant amount of effort has gone into better preparing police personnel to address and assist citizens with mental health problems. 4 recommendations
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Video Tip
Staying hydrated on duty
One of the first capabilities a dehydrated person will lose is their ability to think quickly and critically. Here's how to combat that. Watch the video
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Morning Light
This week's photo comes from Officer Lucky Gipson, Drug Recognition Expert with the Palmer Police Department. Check out this cruiser at dawn in front of the Matanuska River in Palmer, Alaska.
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