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Above, an Oklahoma County Sheriff's Deputy tests the new Panasonic Toughbook U1 at a traffic checkpoint. Panasonic now offers several financing options to help agencies get new tech gear. (Photo by Panasonic)
In tough times, LE tech vendors offer financing options
Tax revenues — especially those drawn from retail sales and real estate transfers — in cities, states, and small towns throughout the country have been decreasing in the past year, and a consensus of financial forecasts show much of the same for the near term.

As a consequence of shortfalls in local coffers, capital spending may come under tough budgetary scrutiny in 2009, and one Wash. agency has taken steps to proceed with their plans to upgrade the technology in their officers’ hands ... Full Story
Sponsored by AFIX

AFIX Tracker is a PC Based Automated Fingerprint Identification System that puts the power in your hands. By maintaining a local database, your department significantly improves the chances of closing more cases. It doesn’t end there…you can expand your searches with the ability to search other AFIX Tracker databases across the country.

Call 877-438-2349 or visit us online at www.afix.net to find out how to bring this technology to your department.

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PoliceOne Technology in the News
Cahokia, Ill. PD chief Richard Watson hopes fuel efficient vehicles will save his department money. (AP Photo)
Departments seek fuel efficient cars
SCAHOKIA, Ill. — Police Chief Richard Watson admits his department's newest patrol car is a curious departure from its big-horsepower Ford Crown Victorias.

But the four-cylinder Pontiac Vibe GT has plenty of pep for policing, he said, and gets twice the gas mileage ... Full Story
Sponsored by Alpha Source, Inc., Authorized Motorola Accessory Dealer

Alpha Source has been distributing new and replacement medical equipment and accessories for over 20 years, specializing in Lighting, Batteries, Power Protection and Supply, Diagnostic Instruments and Supplies, Monitoring Accessories, Fiber Optic Cables, and Oxygen Sensors.

For more information, visit www.alphasource.com.
PoliceOne Technology Tips
Online social networking for LEOs Check that mobile phone
Are you looking for some online social networking beyond (or instead of) the usual Facebook or MySpace sites? There are several law enforcement-related social netwrking sites; check out Policelink and CopsOnline and see for yourself ... Read this tip

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As every well trained cop knows, one of the cornerstone principles of officer safety and survival is to “expect the unexpected.” Remember that when you approach someone holding a seemingly harmless phone ...
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PoliceOne Technology Helpdesk
Precis of Pocket PCs and PDAs
We’ve come a long way in a relative short time. Pocket PCs have been in existence for about thirty years, beginning with calculators and other handheld computers like the Casio Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) released in 1983... Full Story
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