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Powerfully bright lights are now available in very small packages. (Photo by Pelican)
Police flashlight technology 101
The revolution in small, powerful, handheld tactical lights has now come to fruition. The market is exploding with lights from what seem like dozens of new manufacturers, all of them small, handheld and very bright.

What’s the difference in all these new lights? What makes one better than another? Which one is right for you? ... Full Story
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PoliceOne Technology Insight
LAPD Deputy Chief Terry Hara told IACP attendees about the private/public effort behind the LAPD flashlight. (LAPD photo)
LAPD builds a flashlight
On a sunny Sunday afternoon in San Diego during the recently concluded IACP conference, LAPD Deputy Chief Terry Hara presented what he calls a "case study problem solving."

He was talking about the unprecedented collaboration between the public and private sectors that enabled the creation of the new LAPD flashlight, a.k.a. the Pelican 7060 LED... Full Story
PoliceOne Technology in the News
NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly at an April 2004 news conference. Kelly recently said, "I believe we'll have the safest business district in the world." (AP Photo)
NYPD opens counterterrorism nerve center
NEW YORK — counterterrorism officers with the New York Police Department have transformed a 28th-floor office near Wall Street into the new nerve center for an ambitious plan to protect lower Manhattan from terrorist threats.

The project will rely largely on 3,000 closed-circuit security cameras covering roughly 1.7 square miles in and around the financial district ... Full Story

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In Car Video The Way Police Want It

Decatur Electronics’ Shadow 800 digital video, now with pre-event, was designed in conjunction with input from thousands of officers and agencies to meet their needs for safety, functionality and price. It offers 7 different mounting options, high-quality video and audio, simple operation and the lowest cost in the industry.

For more information, visit www.DecaturRadar.com.

PoliceOne Technology Tips
Swing your flashlight Handgun maintenance
Ever notice that color seems to fade at night? That’s because rods, not cones, are what dominates a person’s night vision and makes it effective. Consider a scenario in which you’re on a darkened street and a car is fast approaching. Because the human eye functions differently at night ... Read tip

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PoliceOne contributor and POSA training director Ralph Mroz says that while you should periodically change the springs on your carry magazines, leaving the old ones in your range mags may give you the chance to practice unexpected malfunctions...
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PoliceOne Technology Helpdesk
Beating computer viruses
Even with the proliferation of effective antivirus solutions, there is one very important carbon-based (human) fix you can use every day: be wary of forwarded emails from friends, family, or familiar-looking addresses... Full Story
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