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What do you think of a computer that you can wear like a bracelet or a watch? In this month's eNews, the Nextep might be the next step in law enforcement technology. And don't leave yourself open to a security breach: take note of this flaw that was found in a Windows registry.

And lastly, we take a close look at how Rick Smith might rightly be called the Steve Jobs of police technology.

� Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Technology Profiles
Why Rick Smith may be the Steve Jobs of police technology
By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
It's clich� to compare some corporate executive to the founder and driving force behind Apple, but if you will please indulge my inner geek, you might understand why I make such a bold statement. 6 similarities
Police Tech & Gear
Biometrics security is not foolproof
By Tim Dees, PoliceOne Columnist
Iris scans offer what seems like a secure means of maintaining security without having to carry a card or key or remember a password. But they have flaws as well. Don't leave yourself open
Technology Helpdesk
Are wearable computers the 'Nextep' in police technology?
By John Rivera, PoliceOne Columnist
It's my belief the Sony Nextep could and very well should be used as a law enforcement tool. The possibilities for this particular computer are endless. Time-saving tool

Ten 8 Industries' V.I.S.
?V.I.S is the Patrolman's Modern Vehicle Guide. V.I.S. is a system that can be used on any patrol unit mobile computer or desktop computer with internet access. Only need the vehicle model
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