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The importance of partnerships; New tool shows winning grant proposals

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PoliceGrants Help Newsletter
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Dear PoliceGrantsHelp Member,

Are you missing out on great opportunities for grant funding simply because you're confused about partnerships? In this month's eNews, we explain why partnerships are important to the grant application process.

And are you wondering what that other department put in their application, which secured them that huge grant? Wonder no longer, because Crimesolutions.gov is here. We explain the many uses of this versatile site and how it can help you get the grant you deserve.

The PGH Team


Increase your chances of funding: The importance of partnerships

By Linda Gilbertson
Why are these partnerships important and why should your agency consider creating a collaborative project? The answer is simple: It will improve the overall crime problems in your jurisdiction, something you cannot do on your own. Addressing root causes

New tool shows winning grant proposals

By Denise Schlegel
Every time I teach a grant writing class, someone asks: "Where do I find funded grant proposals to use as examples to write my own?" CrimeSolutions.gov was recently created to help answer the question of what gets funded. Best examples

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