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Trainer who shot recruit faces charges; Fla. cop shot after giving ticket

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 Do police officers lie?
 4 ways to stay safe on Facebook
 March 29, 2013
Featured News

Officer shot, suspect dead in fiery standoff

Video: NY squad fatally hits illegal motorcyclist

Ill. trooper killed in fiery crash

Today's Top Stories:
Police find guns, swords, ammo in Newtown shooter's home: A deeper look into Adam Lanza's troubled mind
Masked man shoots at Fla. cop after getting ticket: Man intentionally had several encounters with officer
Md. trainer who shot recruit faces assault charges: Shot a recruit during an unauthorized training exercise last month
Video: Awful burglar trips alarm, falls on face
Ariz. campaign promises free shotguns
Drone industry worries about privacy backlash
Retired trooper kills wife, self in grocery store
300 feds, police arrest 25 gang members in NJ sweep
Colo. theater gunman's guilty plea offer rejected
P1 Weekly Update

Court limits K-9 searches, cop wrestles alligator, kidnapped teen

Dave Smith talks about SCOTUS' ruling on drug-sniffing K-9s and the kidnapped NJ teen who saved herself by crashing into a cruiser. Watch the video
All Law Enforcement is Local

Do police officers lie?

By Lance Eldridge, PoliceOne Columnist
According to attorney and activist Michelle Alexander, the only officers who tell the truth are those who claim police officers lie — the fact is, nothing could be further from the truth. A silly, specious argument
New Trijicon ACOG® w/ 300 AAC Blackout Reticle
New for 2013, Trijicon has provided a Brilliant Aiming Solution for 300 AAC Blackout platform - the Trijicon ACOG® 3x30 with 300 AAC Blackout reticle. Powered by Trijicon’s patented fiber optics and tritium-based technology, the 3x30 model incorporates a ballistic drop compensator (BDC) for both supersonic and subsonic rounds.
Learn more about the Trijicon ACOG®
Perspectives on Policing

4 ways to stay safe on Facebook

By Loraine Burger, PoliceOne Columnist
Officer Nathan Steele of the West Sacramento Police Department addresses the struggles officers have with technology ethics — and how to take proactive steps to keep your department out of trouble with social media. Staying out of trouble
Passenger jumps from speeding car
Police pursue a speeding car in New Mexico when suddenly a passenger jumps out of it.
Cops help mom cat save kitten
Police help extricate a kitten that got stuck under a dock.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Combating gangs in a smaller dept.

By Nick Perna, PoliceOne Member
Gang activity, like any crime issue, needs to be aggressively addressed in a methodical manner. As officers we understand that there is what we would like to do and, on the flip side, what we actually can accomplish. One cut at a time
Get Complete Grant Assistance for The Rook™ Armored Critical Incident Vehicle
The Rook ACIV is a powerful Caterpillar® 287C Multi-Terrain Loader with custom installed NIJ Level IV bullet-proof glass and armored cab reinforcement fabrication. The Rook has been successfully utilized in applications ranging from hostage rescues and riot scenes to natural disaster relief.
Get grant help now
Video Tip
Reinforcing sound hand-to-hand fundamentals
Diana Rathborne of the Minnesota Kali Group shows us a wide variety of drills you can add to your teacher’s toolbox. Watch the video
Free Webinar: Understanding How Rapid DNA Technology Can Expedite Forensic Investigations
40 minute presentation with live Q&A Tuesday April 11th —11:00 am EDT.
The media and internet are abuzz with talk of “rapid DNA analysis”. It is commonly agreed that rapid DNA analysis has the potential to become one of the most powerful biometric tools to be implemented in decades. Reduce recidivism within your jurisdiction.
Learn more here and register
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Lower Away!
This week’s photo comes from Michael Wright. K-9 Kai and his partner are practicing hoist training for tactical insertion and deployment in rough terrain.
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