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Video: Bystander records shootout with cop killer; Cab driver shoots cop during traffic stop

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 The precursors, investigation, and raid
 Letting the calendar be our teacher
 Feb. 27, 2013
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Video: Armed law student's argument with police

Video: Bystander records shootout with cop killer

Calif. Sheriff: Suspected cop killer had armor

Today's Top Stories:
Inmate kills Pa. corrections officer: Eric Williams was killed by an inmate who used a homemade weapon
Cab driver shoots cop during traffic stop: Driver of cab has reportedly been arrested following a pursuit
Video: NM police forced to shoot attacking dog: Officers were called to help when two dogs attacked a third
Video: Man runs from police using 15 mph moped
Police shoot killer great white, fail to save swimmer
NYPD has man in custody in dismembering of woman
Video: Officer faces assault charges for hitting casino robber
Philly cop who hit woman at parade acquitted
Would-be car thief falls asleep mid-attempt
News Analysis:
Open-carry viral video: The law student vs. the cop
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Stop me if you've heard this one before. The video stars a mouthy, irritating kid — in this case, an alleged law student, no less — who straps on his sidearm and goes for a stroll down the sidewalk. The kid is soon stopped by police. Not surprisingly, he videotapes the encounter in the hope that it makes the officers look bad. 10 things to remember
20 Years After Waco

The precursors, investigation, and raid

By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
Twenty years ago, the most incredible footage of a police gunfight ever recorded was beamed live from Waco. Watch the video
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10-43: All Units...

Letting the calendar be our teacher

By Doug Wyllie, Editor in Chief
Anniversaries of catastrophic events can be tough. We all have personal, private, anniversaries of major events in our lives. The key is to not let those dates merely slip by, unnoticed, unrecognized, and worst of all, unused. Keep growing
Cops dancing montage
A collection of cop clips, both real and fictional, dancing.
Police pursue minivan down narrow highway
Dash cam footage shows police as they pursue a minivan, lay out spike strips, and force the subject to stop and obey police.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
Book Excerpt

Tactics for dealing with the paranoid

By Ellis Amdur and John Hutchings, PoliceOne Contributors
The paranoid individual has an attitude that if anything is wrong it is another person’s fault. Whether delusional or not, they see others as conspiring against them or persecuting them. 8 ways to handle them
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Tactical Tip
Watch out for weed-infused candy
By Doug Wyllie, Editor in Chief
A news report out of Texas is showing a new way to get high on dope is making its way into the hands of children. It's drug-infused candy, and here's what you need to know to keep an eye out. Odorless and difficult to detect
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Scott Safety Announces the SureLife Cartridge Calculator
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