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Video: Civilian kills cop's attacker; K-9 rescues abandoned puppies

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March 17, 2017 | View as webpage
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A Tax Return Never Felt So Good
Turn your W-2 into an award-winning Cloak Tuck 3.0! This IWB holster is handcrafted with comfortable neoprene, a steel retention core and requires zero break-in time.
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Burner Breaker Provides the Key to Unlock Disposable Cell Phones
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Lessons learned from the DOJ report on the Chicago Police Department
By Ralph Brown, PoliceOne Contributor
The takeaway question for chiefs and sheriffs everywhere relates to the report’s emphasis on contemporary polices, reporting and training.
Deliberate indifference
Why cops should join non-profit law enforcement associations
By Heather Cotter, PoliceOne Senior Editor
As we continue to see a shift in the role of the American cop, it is important to take the steps necessary to meet the demands of the profession.
Professional development
How evidence-based policing can improve patrol
By Jim Dudley and Doug Wyllie, P1 Columnists
Jim and Doug welcome guests Renee Mitchell and Jason Potts to discuss what EBP actually is, and why line-level officers should actively work to use it.
Ready, aim, fire
By PoliceOne Members
Sgt. Christina Martin sent us this awesome shot of Adams County (Wis.) Sheriff's officers training at the range.
Look at that spark
Verbally applying the 10-, 5-, and 2-foot rule
In this video tactical tip, Gary Klugiewicz and Dave Young discuss and demonstrate how to utilize verbal techniques as they apply to the proxemics at ten feet, five feet, and two feet.
The women officers of the NYPD
Throwback: K-9s in action circa 1965
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Smarter MeetUps, Safer Communities
OfferUp would like to help promote your agency's commitment to providing a trusted place for online marketplace activity. We are devoted to working with LE agencies across the country to reduce & deter criminal activity that could potentially occur during an online transaction.

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7.4K Video: Fla. bystander fatally shoots cop's attacker
6.9K Gov. reassigns case after prosecutor refuses death penalty for alleged cop killer
4.6K Texas PD now allows beards
2.7K Video: Undercover cop rams stolen car in high-speed pursuit
1.9K Trooper, K-9 rescue abandoned puppies
Analyze video evidence faster with artificial intelligence
The Veritone Platform creates searchable data from media files for faster processing and actionable intelligence.
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