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Video: Cop lifts car off girl after rollover; Inmate who killed CO sentenced to death

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 Officer needs assistance: Are you ready to help?
 Standing in the sewer: Going above and beyond
 May 17, 2013
Featured News

Video: NM cop lifts car off girl after rollover

Video of Calif. police entering house, TASERing man criticized

"Don't let me go:" Cops recall rescuing Cleveland captives

Today's Top Stories:
Video: Cop stops pursuit to escort ducks to safety: Was pursuing speeder when he noticed ducks crossing road
Suspect left note on boat: Boston attack was revenge: Bombings were collateral damage for wars on Muslims
Video: Nude shooting suspect climbs fire truck: FFs found the man hanging off ladder, performing lewd acts
Inmate who killed Wash. correctional officer sentenced to death
Federal oversight of LAPD officially ends
Texas town's policy allows armed city employees
After 60 years, officer's sacrifice etched in stone
Waitress fired after bashing Okla. police on Facebook
Cop who survived Sikh Temple shooting to retire
News Analysis:
Traffic stops: Like a box of chocolates
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Not every traffic stop is going to end with your bomb squad's detonation of 17 IEDs, but all traffic stops involve risks. While one police spokesperson said there appears to be "no apparent links to terrorism," this event still serves as an excellent reminder for us that traffic stops are like a box of chocolates — you never know what you're going to get.
P1 Roll Call

Blue Alert System; Lending a helping hand

Dave Smith recaps the Blue Alert System's passing at the House of Representatives, and the heartwarming story of a cop who gave a teen a bike. Watch the video
PoliceWeek 2013

Officer needs assistance: Are you ready to really help?

By Olivia Johnson, PoliceOne Contributor
Cops are trained to work independently, but when they hear that 10-13 call, individual cops come together quickly and with awe-inspiring force. But how prepared are they when mental health assistance is needed? Opening the door
The New FirstVu HD Body Cam is Here!
The highly anticipated Digital Ally’s FirstVu HD is smaller, lighter and highly versatile. The system features a user replaceable battery that can outlast your entire shift, records a wide view in HD quality, enhanced low-light recording, pre-event recording, security features and more.
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Police Week 2013

Standing in the sewer: Going above and beyond

By Tom Wetzel, PoliceOne Contributor
Empathetic police work is doing a job that values justice and doesn’t make excuses for criminal behavior but doesn't forget that we're all human and deserving of clemency when appropriate. "Protecting and serving"
First responders talk about Boston shootout with bombers
Watertown police reflect on the shootout with the Boston bombing suspect a month after the event.
Daredevil skier stopped for flipping over squad
A skier captured the terrifying moment he did a 360 degree flip over the top of a squad.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Are police-community relations DRT?

By Pat Welsh, PoliceOne Member
Law enforcement executives need to recognize that as the profession has gone from strict law enforcers to problem solving to community oriented policing, the front line officer has not been a part of the process. Doing it wrong
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Video Tip
Using your personal body weapons
Dan Marcou demonstrates some of the personal body weapons available during what he calls an 'anything goes' moment on the street. Watch the video
30M Pieces of Data: How Do You Solve the Case?
Every officer needs to understand how big data is driving big changes in law enforcement - from cutting-edge predictive policing to real-time criminal intelligence analysis. Find out how IBM Intelligent Law Enforcement is reducing crime and saving officer lives by signing up for a free webinar on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 2PM ET.
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Falling short
This week's photo comes from Jackie Melcher. She writes, "I was giving kids tours of a patrol car at a children's hospital fundraiser and this little girl tried for about 5 full minutes to climb in the back seat."
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Are You Interested in Criminal Justice?
from Chancellor University
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Ocean Systems Releases Omnivore v.2.0
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