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Video: Cop risks life to save fellow officer; Police AR-15 accident injures 3 students

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 Brass vs. officers: Distrust gets us nowhere
 3 lessons learned from marathon bombing
 October 25, 2013
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Video: Ohio police respond to dramatic OIS

Video: Pa. cop risks life to save endangered officer

Video: NJ police save choking special-needs teen

Today's Top Stories:
3 students injured by police AR-15 at event: Child pulled trigger on motorcycle-mounted weapon
Calif. sheriff addresses shooting of teen with replica rifle: Deputies repeatedly asked boy to drop weapon
Miss. officer killed deploying spike strip: Robbery suspects drove onto a median to avoid hitting the spike strip
Dallas officer who shot mentally ill man is fired
Gunman surrenders, hostages freed after standoff with NC police
Video: Utah man arrested for driving truck up Capitol steps
Ill. woman killed in in police shooting after refusing to drop knife
Video: Cop directing traffic attacked by stray bull
Guard recruiter held in Tenn. for Navy shooting
P1 Roll Call

Teen with fake rifle killed; Cop turns theft into lesson

Dave Smith warns of two anti-police groups, and reflects on a cop's good deed when she purchased groceries for a woman who was caught stealing food. Watch the video
PoliceOne Exclusive

Brass vs. officers: Distrust gets us nowhere

By Olivia Johnson, PoliceOne Contributor
For a culture that prides itself on shared values and cultural norms, there sure is a lot of strife and departmental discontentment among rank and file. So much so that many are left asking, "Are we on the same team?"

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Education Issues in Public Safety

Boston Commish: 3 lessons learned from marathon bombing

By Leischen Stelter, PoliceOne Columnist
It's hard to believe more than six months have passed since the Boston Marathon bombing. It was a day that many will never forget, including Edward Davis, Commissioner of the Boston Police Department. Lessons learned
PSA: 'Don't be a Zombie'
A PSA advises viewers to not be a zombie to crime and always lock your doors.
K-9 Supreme Court case
Attorney Laura Scarry discusses a case out of Fla. dealing with K9 searches involving the curtilage of a home.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

An innovative approach to apprehending residential burglars

By Travis Martinez, PoliceOne Member
Thousands of Americans leave their homes to enjoy a vacation. Despite taking precautions, residents all too often return to discover that someone has broken into their home. A Calif. police department is taking steps to help address this problem. While You're Away

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Video tip
Spotting pre-draw indicators
In this video tactical tip, PoliceOne Columnist Duane Wolfe discusses and demonstrates some of the behavioral indicators that a person may be pulling a gun on you.
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    P1 Member Photo of the Week
    Think pink!
    In honor of breast cancer awareness month, this week's photo of the week winner is school resource deputy Joseph Rodgers of the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.
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