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Video: Cop runs over fleeing suspect; Ind. cop killed in ambush

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 Rulings forecast the future of GPS privacy claims
 The future of policing is every cop's responsibility
 September 20, 2013
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SWAT told to 'stand down' at Navy Yard shooting

Video: Family cuffed as traffic stop escalates

Video: Rookie cop runs over fleeing Fla. suspect

Today's Top Stories:
Ind. cop ambushed, killed saving woman, gunman killed: Officer Bradway killed after busting into home
Video: Fla. cop shatters car window at traffic stop: The officer's body cam recorded the entire incident
Video: Veteran cop suspended for 'ignoring' fight: Officer allegedly stood by while women attacked each other
Dept. bans shooting range euthanizing, absorbs vet bills
Ala. cop killed in crash driving home
Video released of man who posted wife's corpse on Facebook
Pa. town seeks to fire controversial police chief
13 shot in Chicago park shooting, including 3-year-old
DC would-be mass shooter gets 25 years
P1 Roll Call

Navy Yard investigation; Suspect jumps from cruiser

Dave Smith analyzes the mass shooting that occurred in Wash. this week, and offers an LODD update as we start the last quarter of the year. Watch the video
Police Liability and Litigation

Court rulings may forecast the future of locational privacy claims

By Terrence Dwyer, P1 Columnist
SCOTUS' decision in U.S. v. Jones was a narrow and limited opinion concerning LE's use of GPS technology. It left unanswered questions relating to the extent of government use of GPS technology without a warrant. Hints of future rulings?
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Fox on Point

The future of policing is every cop's responsibility

By Vance Rosen, P1 Columnist
If we want professional, well-trained, courteous officers with good attitudes, then we must demonstrate those attributes ourselves. 3 types of officers
A formidable foe for law enforcement
James Burke discusses school shootings and gives recommendations on how law enforcement can deal with these formidable foes.
K9 Training: K-9 protects 5-year-old from bad guys
The daughter of a dog training expert is provided with her very own German Shepherd bodyguard to keep "bad guys" at bay.
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P1 First Person

Are you a 'law enforcement hostage'?

By Fred Rogers and Deborah Lewis, P1 Members
Imagine being held hostage for 7,300 days, snatched from your home and family, while thinking your hostage-taker was a friend. Day in and day out, you and several other hostages remained under observation and locked away for eight hours a day. Sound familiar?
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Video Tip
Tactics for the single officer after TASER deployment
Single officers may encounter scenarios where they must deploy the TASER and move to handcuff the suspect without assistance. Watch the video
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
True family
This week’s photo of the week comes from Deputy Donnie Black of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. Pictured are Donnie (facing away) and his son Dylan.
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