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Video: Cop stabbed at traffic stop; Cons of FTO shopping

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 How media turned me into a 'gun control advocate'
 Demystifying the criminal planning cycle
 April 4, 2014
Featured News

Video: Woman stabs cop with scissors

Video: Chief defends cop's use of force

Off-duty cop kills stabbing suspect near police HQ

News Analysis:
2 lessons from the second Fort Hood killer
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
There are lessons to be learned from the murderous rampage this week at Fort Hood, but far too many people have failed to learn them before, and I’m not confident this will enlighten them either. Questions and caveats
PoliceOne Roll Call

Reality Training: Welfare check on roadway turns deadly

Dave Smith reviews a deadly traffic stop on an active roadway that shows an officer who's situationally aware of his surroundings. Watch the video
15 Years After Columbine

How the media turned me into a 'gun control advocate'

By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
If an active shooter is not stopped as they progress through the first four phases, the only way they can be stopped is by my version of gun control during the fifth phase — here’s my definition of gun control. Please, hear me out

Text Message Today with ProQA® Paramount
IAED™ has teamed up with Priority Dispatch Corp. to make text messaging from ProQA® Paramount software a reality today! You can now send exact protocol-based text to Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems for Case Entry Questions, Key Questions, and Dispatch Life Support (DLS) instructions, including lifesaving PAIs and safety warnings, to callers exactly as they appear in the protocol.
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PoliceOne Exclusive

Demystifying the criminal planning cycle

By Scott Stewart, PoliceOne Contributor
Understanding the criminal planning cycle is important, because that understanding can then be used by potential victims and law enforcement officers to look for the various aspects of the cycle as it progresses. How it works
Conan O'Brien becomes deputy for a day
Conan goes to Johnson County, Texas to pursue a career in law enforcement.
Generational crossroads for supervisors
Tim Janowick of the Mount Prospect Police Department discusses generational gaps and the issues and opportunities that arise from them.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

How 'FTO shopping' can lower quality and raise liability for police agencies

By Anthony Crisp, PoliceOne Member
FTO shopping is either an agency’s answer to getting officers through the FTO program, or a substandard trainee's answer to getting through the FTO Program. What is 'FTO shopping'?

Be Mentally and Physically Prepared for an Ambush
Year after year, more officers are injured in ambush situations. In this sample video from the PoliceOne Academy, Doug Wyllie and Dick Fairburn discuss recent trends in ambush attacks and how to stay safe and be prepared.
Watch the video
Video Tip
Overhead knife defense from supine position
Logan Graver works with T.J. Perez to show edged weapons defense from an overhead attack when you're supine on the ground.
Predictive Policing – Respond to Crimes that Haven't Happened Yet
PredPol provides targeted, real-time crime prediction designed for and successfully tested by officers in the field. Based on models for predicting aftershocks from earthquakes, PredPol's patent-pending technology forecasts highest risk times and places for future crimes. The program complements officers’ intuition by targeting place-based prediction "boxes" as small as 500' by 500'.
50% off grant writing for predictive policing
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Community policing at its finest
This week's photo of the week comes from Officer James Dow of the City of East Point Police in Georgia, who spent his day teaching children about gun safety and how to call 911 in an emergency.
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