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Video: Cop struck by car, chase ensues; NY attack planned by bombers

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 20 years after Waco: The lessons we learned
 Ill boy sworn in as honorary NJ officer
 April 26, 2013
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Video: Mich. cop struck by car prompts pursuit

Interim chief apologizes for 'homeless video'

Seattle cop's vintage cruiser attracts attention

Today's Top Stories:
Police: Boston suspects planned to attack New York: Suspects were en route to NY when police intercepted
Fla. officer killed in crash: Officer Joseph “Shane” Robbins was unresponsive when a medical crew found his cruiser
Video: Frustrated protestor begs police to punish pot smokers: Celebrators in Philly had a permit from the park
Dead Boston bomber in terror database 18 months before attack
Boston police consider drones for 2014 marathon
Suspect's motive unclear in 5 Ill. killings
Pawn shop sued in Chicago officer's death
NY police intoxicate volunteers for training
Legal issues surround bombing suspect's questioning
News Analysis:
Have we finally ended the tourniquet debate?
 By Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
If you still need proof positive that tourniquets save lives, perhaps you should go talk with a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing. If there was any remaining doubt, the Boston Marathon bombing should put to rest any debate on whether or not patrol officers should train to use tourniquets — and carry at least one while on duty.
P1 Newscast

P1 Roll Call: Boston aftermath & lessons

Dave Smith recaps the Boston bombing manhunt, covers the foiled Canadian railway terror plot, and discusses the 23% increase in LODDs so far in 2013. Watch the video
20 years after Waco

The lessons we learned

By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
Waco gave law enforcement the opportunity to watch a human drama unfold in real time like some bizarre reality television show. Law enforcement has learned a great deal from this tragedy. A success or a failure?
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Perspectives on Policing

Ill boy sworn in as honorary NJ officer

By Loraine Burger, PoliceOne Columnist
Cancer survivor and Bridgewater (NJ) Chief of Police Richard Borden knows what five-year old Malik Campbell, who has a rare form of cancer called Burkitt's Leukemia, is going through. He wanted to make the little boy's dreams come true. "Something we had never done before for anyone"
Cop fooled Boston bombing suspects with empty SUV
Watertown Police Chief Ed Deveau details how one of his officers tricked the Boston bombing suspects during the standoff.
Police release thermal imaging video of bombing suspect's capture
The three-minute long video shows Tsarnaev hiding under a plastic cover in a boat outside a residence in Watertown.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

Securing the driver-side door during traffic stops

By Rick McDowell, PoliceOne Member
Traffic stops will always pose an inherent risk to the officer, from the unknown violator to the hazards of oncoming traffic. One way to lessen the danger is to secure the driver's side door. Here's what to do
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Video Tip
Video: Going from straight armbar to figure-four takedown
Diana Rathborne shows us a drill for transitioning from a straight armbar takedown to a figure-four takedown (and back again). Watch the video
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
P1 Photo of the Week: Chivalrous chauffeur
This week's photo comes from Ken Neilsen, who writes, "This is one of our Deputies helping an elderly widow back to her house after she had been standing at the end of her driveway attempting to flag down passing cars for assistance."
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