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Video: Cops TASER jaywalker 'by the book'; Police win $1M lottery claim

Info management in a officer-involved shooting; Are we paying attention to lessons learned?;
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 Info management in an officer-involved shooting
 Debriefings: How to review everyday incidents
 July 13, 2012
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Video: Fla. cops TASER jaywalker 'by the book'

Video: Firebomb police, says 'Occupy the RNC'

LA sheriff's dept.: No connection between photo, badge recall

Today's Top Stories:
Ohio city to track speed, location of police cruisers: GPS will be installed in all emergency vehicles to track speed, travel to unauthorized locations or idleness
DC cop accused of threatening Michelle Obama: Secret Service is investigating comments allegedly made by officer who worked White House motor escort
Deputies save autistic man lost in Utah desert for 3 weeks
Police kill chimp after Vegas escape
Video: Nev. troopers sue over 'trick pony' K-9s
Security guards indicted on murder charges after shooting death
Jackpot! Police win $1M lottery claim
Video: Police ID biker in 186-mph ride
Police Liability and Litigation

Information management in an officer-involved shooting

By Terry Dwyer, PoliceOne Columnist
Be proactive when releasing information concerning officer-involved shootings by ensuring the facts are made clear. Anything less is an invitation to public speculation and misunderstanding.
Recent shooting highlights issues
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The Street As I See It

Tactical debriefings: How to review everyday incidents

By Scott Sargent, PoliceOne Contributor
Identifying and assessing tactical lessons learned from local, national and international incidents is critical to improving individual, group, and organizational performance.
3 suggestions
Driver rams Utah cruiser after chase
After a pursuit and successful stop, a suspect tries to escape by hitting the patrol car behind him.
Lamborghini driver arrested for speeding video
A man is arrested for speeding after posting footage of the crime to YouTube.
 View more police videos at BLUtube.com
P1 First Person

The much-needed 'thank you'

By Keith Bettinger, PoliceOne Member
When she handed me her license, I read her address and was suddenly back to a dark and frantic night in the 1980s. "Was I at your house during a tragic event?" I asked. "Oh my God, it's you! I've wanted to thank you for years," she said. Could have retired
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Video Tip
The isolation exercise for sudden confrontation
Here's a technique to help deal with "routine" traffic stops. Watch the video
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P1 Photo of the Week
Cops vs. Crooks
Ed Kienzle sent us this ironic picture of a 'crooks' vehicle going head to head with a police vehicle.
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